What should you look for when looking for a Wedding Venue?

While organising a wedding, you would be challenged with so many decisions. Picking the right venue is a big decision that will have a significant impact on your event. The catering options, the number of attendees, the pleasant experience of your guests and the date of the event, everything will be partially affected by the venue you choose. Does this sound quite intimidating? Don’t feel that way. We have brought you some guidelines to consider while deciding on choosing wedding venues Sydney and how to do it better.

When should I start looking for a venue?

The earlier, the better! Budget, space requirements, and estimated event space, once you are clear with these three things, you can start looking for wedding venues. Make sure to book the venue at least 4 to 6 months in advance. Then you will have plenty of time to plan the critical aspects of your event like inviting guests, hiring catering services, and more.

What to look for while choosing wedding reception venues Sydney?

There are many things you should take into account while choosing best wedding venues Sydney. Here we have listed a few for you to get better knowledge.


You have considered the location already. For a local event, you can look for venues within a reasonable distance from most of your guests’ places or homes. If in the case of your wedding most of your guests would be travelling from places out of town to see venues near the hotel they stay or the airport. What you should consider is parking options for traffic and transportation.

Parking space:

Is there a parking lot or valid parking in the venue you consider? Wedding venues with a lot of parking space is what dreams are made of! If the opposite is the case, look if there are parking lots available nearby for your guests to access and use it.

Minimums and capacity!

What’s the capacity? You should know the capacity of rooms of the venue for quite a few reasons. First to all, hundred people cannot fit comfortably into a room which has only a capacity for 50 persons. Secondly, the fire and safety codes that the venue has to abide by.


You should pay special attention to the current decor inside the venue. What does the interior convey? What style is the architecture? For a dream wedding to come true, you need a different venue. The less the ambience matches the feeling of the event, you should add more decors to make it up to your needs.

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