Mobile crane always comes to mind wherever there is a heavy lifting involved. They have some great weight capacity as these are the most reliable, and multi-functional cranes. These are important for a number of businesses as they are mobile and are important which is why people are going for mobile crane for sale in Australia.


They all serve a different purpose as there are different types of cranes that are available on the market today:


·         Telescopic mobile cranes

The mobile cranes are the ones that you need if there is a job where a precise load positioning is required. When it comes to assembly jobs, they are quite reliable as well as useful and these are the ones that you will definitely check out on a construction site. They also have a low operation cost with some great mobility and compact construction.

·         Telescopic rough terrain crane

These cranes are extremely important while working in such conditions as they are designed to work in the rougher terrains.

·         Crawler cranes

For the foundation jobs, these are also used in the construction industry mainly in the smaller and medium sites. These are usually mounted on crawler tracks and not wheels as they are constructed to lift weights from one point to another. The stability of the crane is made even bigger as they are quite heavy. The cranes are able to climb on a slightly uneven surface with the help of the crawler tracks.

·         Scrap and waste mobile cranes

There is no waste management industry can make it without the one of those as these are cranes that are specially designed to lift the waste and scrap.

·         Truck cranes

It is due to their mobility and the system they use which is a hydraulic system and a great the power that is to be generated makes them extremely useful. These truck cranes can generate up to 365 horsepower which means that they can be transported fast from one side to the other since they can easily travel on highways there is no special equipment required for the transportation of the crane as these cranes have diesel engines.

·         All-terrain cranes

They have all the required equipment to travel on rough roads as well as on public roads as these can combine the features of truck cranes and the rough terrain cranes.

·         Railroad cranes

These cranes are quite useful when it comes to dealing with the railroad situations, loading and of course, the maintenance of trained as these are mainly designed to travel on rails.

·         Floating cranes

These can be used when an unusual and extremely heavy load has to be loaded on a ship as they are mainly used for bridge and port constructions. To salvage the sunken ships or transport the complete bridge sections is where it can also be used.

Cranes have become the indispensable tool for construction purposes all around the world. The option to hire the crane is a lot more favourable as it is not always feasible to buy these cranes. Finding the correct type of lifting equipment for the construction purpose is important and one should have proper knowledge about the different types of cranes available in the market as they can save you the immense amount of money and time.


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