What Should Parents Look For When Choosing A Daycare?

Whether you are looking out for a family daycare, home care or a Childcare in Bayswater, there are a few basic things that you should look for before making the important decision of vesting your child with them. Here are a few ways to find out the right daycare for your child –

Observe the Floor

When you are visiting a prospective preschool Bayswater, pay close attention to the way the staff interacts with the children. An ideal caregiver will be on the floor playing with the kids or hold a kid on her lap. This is because, the kids in their early ages require loving and interactive relationships with the adults to thrive in a new environment. So it is important for the caregivers to be warm and responsive.

Reputation Matters

A good daycare should be welcoming and have a friendly environment. You can ask the daycare centre for numbers of their current clients and check them out for reference. If this is not possible, you can very well stop at the school closing time, and enquire with some parents who come to pick up their children.

Clearly Established Rules

It is significant for a daycare to be flexible, but at the same time it should also have clearly established rues on the operating hours and the procedure to handle any emergencies. The daycare should be able to provide you with a clearly written copy of its rules and regulations. Reading that will help you understand how they take your child seriously. If the childcare does not have an open-door policy, there are chances that it lacks proper organisation skills. So, look for a kindergarten Bayswater that is transparent about its policies.

Visit and Spy

Though referrals are important, you need to visit the place and investigate for yourself, and determine if it will meet your requirements. Look if the child care environment is kept clean, well-stocked with toys appropriate for the age and childproofed. Check if there is a separate area dedicated for the bouncers and swings. Visit the daycare at different times of the day to get a view of how the staffs interact with the kids, and to understand the routine. Even if you have enrolled your child already, you must visit unannounced to stay aware of how things are going. These visits will be a real eye-opener and help you confirm if the daycare will suit your toddler.


Ask for the centre’s license, and double-check with the local social services department. If possible, look for a daycare that has undergone stringent accreditation process, and a benchmark of quality. To qualify for the state licensing regulations the centres must have high established stands that determine health and safety of the kids and staff working there. Obviously, a centre with a current license is an assurance of quality care. So, never miss to check out the license.

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