What Should I Look For In A Shaving Brush?

Are you looking to add a shaving brush kit to your everyday grooming routine? Then you would probably have the question as to which shaving brush is right for you and what should you look for in a shaving brush kit? Creating the perfect lather is one of the areas in which most wet shaving enthusiasts are picky about. Shaving brushes are available in a variety of bristle types like badger, boar bristle, fibre or synthetic brush. Buy before you step ahead to buy one, it is important to understand that the shaving brush should elevate the hair from your face and allow a perfect lathering so that the blade glides smoothly over your skin. Here’s what you should know about Shaving Brushes –

Important Things to Look For When Choosing a Shaving Brush –

Stiffer Brush

The stiffer the brush, the less water does it holds. You must understand that working out lather is very difficult with a stiffer brush. However, if you are looking out for a brush that lasts longer, then you might have to opt for stiff bristles. Whereas, if you look at Badger shaving brush and stand, it is softer and forms up the best lather for wet shaving.

Shape of the Handle

You should be comfortable holding your shaving brush in your hand. The making of the brush is simple, it comprises of handle, bristles and knot. The knot usually determines the width of the handle. While the loft height of the brush depends on extend of the handle and bristles. So, choose a brush that is suitable to be held in your hand. Hence, you must make sure that the shaving brush is easy to use and doesn’t feel clumsy. It might take some time to research and find out the best one, but when you choose, make sure to pick the one with the best grip and feel.

Real Animal Hair

Some people might be sensitive to shaving brush made from real animal hair. These brushes are made from horse’s mane or tail and the badger hair brushes are created by collecting the hair from other animals. Nowadays synthetic shaving brushes are also available in the market that competes with the soft bristled brushes. Moreover, these synthetic brushes are less prone to mould over time, so it boasts of a better long term use!

Ultimately, your wet shaving process should be an enjoyable one. With the increase of high-quality wet shaving products in the market, it is easier to choose the best shaving gift set for your facial skin.

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