What Should I Look For In A Shaving Brush?

The shaving brush is one of the tools that are often overlooked by men. Decades ago, every man used one. However, due to modernisation, disposable shaving products like foams gained its popularity, shaving brush was almost forgotten. However, men are finally releasing the importance of taking care of their skin, shaving, and thus of the brush. As they say, old is gold. No matter how convenient the shaving gel and foams are, it’s the brush that helps to form the foam that’s needed to attain a perfect finish.

Not all brushes are created equal, and here’s what you need to look for in a shaving brush:-


One of the biggest factors you need to consider when choosing a shaving brush is the material. What’s it made of? Ask this question to yourself when hunting for the brush. When it comes to the bristles, there are brushes made with animal hair as well as synthetic and vegan options. If you prefer animal hair brushes, you’ll see boar, horsehair, and badger hair brushes.

Although the boar brushes soften over time, it starts off very coarse. So, they’re not very comfortable when you first use them. However, the roughness offers a range of benefits, especially if you use a shaving soap, making it easier to work up a good lather. Compared to other animal hair options, boar shave brush is cheaper.

When it comes to horsehair brushes, they have finer and softer bristles, come in a range of colours, and cost more than boar brushes. On the other hand, badger brushes are the most traditional ones available with different qualities. Badger brushes can be pure, super, best, and silvertip. However, it varies from one manufacture to another.

Vegan shaving brushes offer a high-performance without using any animal products. When compared to synthetic, animal hair, and horsehair brushes, synthetic bristles last longer, and the handles have ergonomic designs for a good grip.

The integrity of the brush

The integrity of the brush should also be considered. Of course, a few bristles are likely to be lost from the shaving brush over time. But, if there are only a few hairs left out on the brush after two or three uses, it’s not a great quality brush. There are many quality shaving brushes that last for longer.

Stiffness of the brush

The scrubbiness and the stiffness of the brush is an important thing you need to look for when searching for the best shaving brush. While it depends on the bristle’s material, it is also influenced by the tightness of the knot and the stiffness of the handle.

The Shape of the handle

The shape and weight of the handle are also important as it should feel good in your hand so that you can achieve clean finish. The brush should fit well in your hand and easy to grip so that you could hold it securely while using it. Don’t go for heavy and light handles.

There you are, these are the factors you need to look for when it comes to a shaving brush. Selecting the best shave brush will help you get the best shave every time.

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