What Should I Do If My Child Chips A Tooth?

Has your child chipped off a tooth? Don’t panic, if your child chips off a tooth. Healthy and active kids are at the risk of getting chipped tooth. Get the help of an emergency dentist Quakers Hill to assess and repair the damage without further delay. A quick response can actually create a difference in saving the tooth from encountering further damage. Here are a few things recommended by the dentist in Quakers hill, that you must do, if you child chips a tooth –

Stay Calm

This is probably the first thing you must do. Chipping of tooth is common in active children, which is usually fixed by the experts at dental clinic Quakers Hill. Just observe if you child experiencing any pain. In case if they do, get an appointment with the dentist immediately. At times, your child might not even realise what happened, unless you identify it. In such cases, don’t make your child feel awkward, rather stay calm and deal with the situation.

Rinse the Mouth

This is probably the first thing to do. Rinse your child’s mouth with luke warm saltwater. This will help eliminate any debris from the spot and minimise the chances of developing an infection.

Place a Gauze Pad

Lay a piece of gauze pad in the affected area of your child’s mouth and gently hold down the area if it is bleeding. Applying mild pressure on the area might ease off any discomfort caused by the chipped tooth, and avoids the dentin being exposed.

Apply Dental Cement

Dental cement is available at many drugstores, which can be used for temporary purposes to cover up the damaged tooth. If you get an appointment of the dentist, it is okay to visit immediately, but what happens if you are travelling or simply did not find the time to walk into a dental clinic. In such circumstances, dental cement comes handy. But keep in mind, this is only a temporary solution.

Teach Your Child

Turn this situation into a teachable moment for your kid on the importance of being responsible. Keep the chipped tooth in a box, and vest the responsibility with your child to keep the tooth safe. This will not only make the moment a fun filling experience, rather it is also a great way to boost the confidence in them of getting their teeth fixed.

It is really saddening to see the child encountering injuries. But don’t worry, with the modern dental technologies, it is possible to have the chipped tooth rectified.

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