What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

From toothache to severe infections and traumatic events, there is a range of dental emergency. Dental emergencies are inevitable and can be intimidating. However, the emergency dentist in Balmain. should be the first person you need to call when you experience a dental emergency. Ensure to keep your dentist’s contact information available at all times.

Here are the most common dental emergencies:-

Fractured or cracked, chipped teeth

While a chipped tooth is not a dental emergency and you can wait to see a dentist, a cracked or fractured tooth is a serious condition that requires immediate attention. A fractured tooth indicates that the damage has occurred to the root of the tooth. In extreme cases, the severely fractured tooth cannot be saved. If you suffer a fractured tooth, head to the dental clinic Balmain right way.

Follow these steps if you suffer a fractured tooth:-

– Clean your mouth gently and rinse with warm water thoroughly

– Apply a cold compress to the area to minimise the swelling

– Take over-the-counter pain killers if you can’t manage the pain

– Visit the dentist Balmain as quickly as possible

The dentist will order an x-ray to diagnose the condition of your tooth. If the pulp is damaged, you may need to undergo root canal procedure to save the tooth. If the root is not damaged, you will need a crown.

A chipped tooth doesn’t hurt much, and the dentist will smooth the chip out or add some composite filling material to repair the tooth.

Oral infection

Oral infection is another dental emergency that requires urgent care. If there is swelling around your jaw associated with difficulty in swallowing, it can be a sign of an infection that occurs in your mouth. It requires emergency dental care as the bacteria can travel from the oral cavity to the tissue around the heart. Other infections can cause pain that impacts your day-to-day activities.

Be aware that such infections are advanced conditions that could have been easily treated before they get to the point of a dental emergency.

Knocked-out tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a serious condition that requires immediate dental care. If proper steps are taken immediately after the tooth is knocked out, the chances are likely you could save the tooth.

If you have knocked out your tooth:-

– Pick up the tooth without touching the root

– Rinse the tooth gently to remove the dirt

– Put the tooth in a small container and take it to the dentist

Any injury inside your mouth, such as puncture wounds, lacerations, tears to cheeks, mouth, and tongue are also considered a dental emergency.

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