What Paint Colours are best for Bedrooms?

Are you planning to refresh your bedroom with a fresh coat of paint? The paint colour for your bedroom shouldn’t be selected on a whim. It is a room where you spend a lot of time and is where you have to feel relaxed after all-day work. With the amount of time you will spend in this room, the bedroom will also influence how well you sleep at night, how you interact with your family, the mood in which you wake up in the morning and so much more so making your bedroom a place that will refresh and restore you rather than a place that drains you is of the utmost importance!

Consider the mood:

Scroll through the internet, and you will find all kinds of expert opinions on the colours to choose for your bedroom, but don’t let those choices cloud over your needs and character. What ambiance do you want to create in your personal space? Do you want to feel fresh, clean, relaxed, or cosy? The hue you choose should reflect how you would like to feel at the end of a busy day and as you begin a new day. You can talk to professional Painters Bronte for ideas to choose colours that will suit your style.

Gentle and soft:

If you want to create a peaceful oasis for your bedroom, go for pastel colours. When you use pastels, you can create a scene of relaxation. Some of the best pastel shades for bedrooms are green, pink, blue, and lavender. A bedroom painted with a pastel colour can look elegant and adding accessories such as soft lighting can give the room a sophisticated look.

Expressive colours:

If bright and bold colours make you happy, why not use them on your bedroom walls to bring a smile on your face every day? If you are an energetic person who loves to be surrounded by bold colours, embrace it. You can try dark green walls if you love fresh, natural interiors. You can also try experimenting with lively combinations such as taupe and red or dark green and coral.

Here are a couple of simple guidelines from house painters Bronte you should stick to when choosing expressive paint colours for your bedroom such as navy blue or black, especially if the space is small.

– Choose an accent colour for one wall and paint the other walls with a lighter colour.

– To avoid feeling boxed in, try not to paint every wall with the same colour.

– If your bedroom is deep and narrow, you can paint the long walls to highlight the length of the room.

Always remember light colours can make space look larger whereas darker ones can make your bedroom look smaller. Moreover, if there is more natural light streaming in your bedroom, it will look larger than the actual size.

With a fresh coat of paint, you can transform the feel of any space. All you need is a little idea to choose the right colour. If you are not good at colours, take the help of professional painting services Bronte who can help you choose better.

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