What Kind Of Flowers Do You Send For Condolences?

It is absolutely heartbreaking to lose a loved one. Expressing your condolences to a grieving friend or family member at such a sad time will bring them great comfort. As you already know, sending flowers has long been used to express sympathy. A floral arrangement by the best florist in Lafayette CO has the ability to convey your feelings when words fail. This is the reason why selecting appropriate flowers for the funeral ceremony is important. Here are some suggestions to express your honor to a person who has passed away with respect and dignity.


Lilies are a symbol of renewal and rebirth. They usually bloom in summer and are considered as popular flowers for funerals. Lilies can be a strong representation of the virtue of the deceased, especially to someone who has died young. The peaceful appearance of lilies goes with the funeral’s somber mood and offers hope to the grieving family. If you are very close to the deceased, including lilies from the Lafayette florist in your floral design might be a good choice.


Roses of different colors are associated with different meanings. Similar to lilies, white roses are considered ideal flowers for funerals, as they express purity and innocence. However, red roses define love and respect and pink roses specify gratitude. To express your deepest sorrow and grief to the grieving family, send a beautiful floral arrangement through flower delivery in Lafayette CO.


Carnations are a representation of love. The term carnation has derived from the term ‘incarnation’ which signifies God in the flesh. They emit a suble, beautiful fragrance and are long lasting. White carnations epitomize innocence. These flowers may be given to a family member to express your feelings fully.


Hyacinth flowers are a sign of regret and sorrow. They are typically added into a spring arrangement with tulips, freesia and gerbera. They express your deepest anguish. Let your loved one know that you are mindful of their suffering, and communicate the pain that has struck you upon hearing their loss. Their fragrance is just beautiful.


This beautiful flower conveys various meanings. Usually, these flowers are used in traditional large arrangements to honor the deceased during the visitation and funeral ceremony. Moreover, they also signify support and encouragement to grieving family. –


Gladioli are a beautiful statement of remembrance and strength. They remind the grieving family how wonderful the deceased beloved one was. As colorful sympathy flowers, gladioli express the pain of loss and speak your compassion during this difficult time. Their dramatic line gives structure to a more traditional funeral arrangement.

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