What is the Best Topping for Pizza?


Pizza doesn’t have to be conventional. Yes, you don’t have to stick to the traditional toppings that you consider is safe to accentuate basic red sauce, cheese pizza that doesn’t turn you off. Of course, there is nothing wrong as they are all standard pizza toppings for a reason. But, if you are among the adventurous eaters, you need to get innovative with your toppings. Here is a list of must-try Newtown pizza toppings:-

Beyond pineapple

Of course, pineapple is an amazing pizza topping, but it is not the only fruit that makes a great topping for pizza. Why not try other sweet toppings? In fact, peaches are an excellent choice as it is refreshing, summery pizza topping when in season. You can also try pizza with apple and cheddar as it is one of the classic unorthodox combinations. Apples and cheddar can change your Italian pizza into an all-Australian treat, or you can double the taste by trying figs and ricotta to top your pizza.

Spicy pizza

Recently peri peri sauce and Nashville hot chicken have gained its popularity. People’s interest in spicy food has been increasing every year. So, why not spice up your pizza by thinking outside the jalapeno? It is definitely worth trying.


It is considered to be as a bold, niche choice. Unlike pineapples and olives, anchovies have OG credentials as the best pizza in Newtown topping. In fact, anchovies were the toppings for original Neapolitan style pizza. If you want to try something salty, funky, and favourable, there is nothing to beat anchovies.


It is one of the non-traditional picks for toppings that recently gained its popularity. Chicken is flavourful and versatile meat that can accent many artisanal pizza styles. You can also enjoy the chicken Alfredo pizza or the buffalo chicken pizza if you want some spice with your tang.

Ground Beef

Although it is rarely in competition for pizza topping, it is suitable for certain styles of pizza. You can use it in taco pizza as it is quirky and delicious speciality pizza.


It is another great topping for meat lovers. It works as a great balance to sweet taste like pineapple, and Hawaiian style is the most popular application of ham on a pizza.


When it comes to pizza topping, you won’t likely find a more worthy choice than sausage. It has a great flavour when paired with green bell peppers or onions. It is the most favoured topping for Chicago deep-dish style pizzas.


It is the king of all the toppings. You can find a place for adding pepperoni anywhere on a pizza. As it is light with a hint of spiciness, it can compliment many ingredients.

There is a range of different awe-inspiring options for pizza toppings these days. In fact, you will be overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Just try something new and enjoy every bite of the pie. Call the pizza delivery Newtown service and order a pizza with your favourite toppings.

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