What is Sensory Play and Why is it Important for Your Kids?

The first five years of a child is crucial for their overall development. This means, they should be involved in the right activities that benefit them in every aspect. As we all know, humans have five senses that are used to explore and understand what’s out there in the world around us – look, touch, smell, taste, and listen. Providing children opportunities to use these senses will help develop their skills at a rapid rate. A Highgate childcare centre will help with the same through sensory play. Read on to learn more:

What is Sensory Play?

Sensory play is an activity that makes the most of your child’s senses, which helps in developing their cognitive skills, language skills, motor skills, and more. Pre-schoolers of Highgate childcare centre will be allowed to explore new concepts and materials that require the use of their senses to learn new things around them.

Benefits of Sensory Play:

Here are the benefits of sensory play for your children:

Cognitive Development:

Kindergarten kids learn and grasp the concepts of new things through their senses. For instance, if they get in contact with something that is wet or cold, they will gradually identify the kind of objects having this trait. This way, they will easily spot similar objects having similar features.

Develops Nerve Connections:

When involved in the sensory play, your child actively uses different senses that eventually contribute to the building of nerve connections. This means that your child will develop new capabilities to deal with complex tasks, while enhancing their problem-solving skills and language skills.

Better Social Skills:

As several kids are involved in the sensory play at a childcare in Highgate, your child will get to know how others use the same materials in a different way. Children will also communicate with each other as they collaborate in the activity, and find new ways of moving, modifying, or shaping the object that they are provided with.

Improved Language Skills:

With the use of their senses such as smelling and touching, your child will get to describe the different objects that they see. For instance, they would begin to describe different kinds of foods as either spicy or sweet as soon as they taste them. They’d describe it in a language that they will learn and be comfortable with.

Sensory play is one of the important activities organised by a kindergarten in Highgate. The dedicated staff at child care centres provide a learning environment for your kids to support their growth and development.

The author is working in a leading Highgate childcare centre for over 3 years. In this write-up, she explains the fundamental concepts of sensory play and how it is beneficial for preschool children. For more details, visit https://www.leapsandboundspreschool.com.au

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