What Is School Readiness and Why Is It Important

The transition between early childhood and elementary school is considered as a crucial period in a child’s early years. The early childhood education program offered at the Baulkham Hills early childhood centre is valuable as it assists children in developing school-readiness skills to facilitate smooth transitioning to formal schooling. Many reading specialists believe that early skills in reading and writing are crucial elements for succeeding later in academics.

What is school readiness?

School readiness is a measure of how prepared a child is for the transition to normal schooling and succeeds cognitively, socially, and emotionally. A child’s readiness is for school is multi-faceted, encompassing a range of skills, including social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills that children need to thrive. It also helps to determine whether the child has reached a certain stage in their development where education will be advantageous to the child. In short, school readiness refers to whether a child is ready to make a successful transition from child care Baulkham Hills to regular school. This shows the importance of quality early childhood education and prekindergarten experiences.

Research shows that preschoolers who attend high-quality programs offered at the day care Baulkham Hills:-

– Show greater understanding of verbal and numerical concepts

– Enter normal school with necessary skills for the academics

– Be active for a longer period

– Are more likely to progress through the primary grades

– Less often require special and extra classes

– Socialise and mingle with all children than those who don’t

Why is school readiness important?

The school readiness develops a child’s skills in certain areas of language, social interaction, emotional development, literacy, fine motor skills, and physical skills. These are the basic skills a child should know. Without these skills, children can struggle when compared to their peers who are advancing more quickly in academics. Parents, early childhood education programs and the community play a significant role in developing school readiness skills in children.

How could you help your child increase their school readiness?

Social and emotional development

Succeeding in school is not just about academics. In fact, it is also about developing your skills to communicate and socialise with peers and educators. For that reason, it is important to help and develop socially and emotionally as they are getting ready for schooling. In order to develop it, look for opportunities to help them form relationships and interact with peers.

Language and literacy development

Reading out loud to children has a major impact on language and literacy skills development. So, make it a practice to read out to your children throughout all aspects of life, not just at bedtime.


In order to help develop your child’s cognitive skills, create an environment where your child is comfortable asking questions and develop their curiosity. Doing so can cultivate background knowledge that improves essential academic skills.

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