What Happens If You Have A Tooth Pulled And Don’t Replace It?

Missing teeth is common, especially by the age of 50 due to injury, tooth decay or gum disease. This teeth loss does not only affect your external appearance but also damages your oral health. Moreover, if you have lost a tooth located at the front or backside of the mouth, these spaces can affect your bite force to a greater extent. That is why it is important to discuss with your dentist specialised in affordable dental implants Melbourne for filling the gaps and fix your smile. Here are a few reasons that mentions what happens if you don’t replace a missing tooth –

Bone Loss

Your tooth supports your jaw bones by fuelling its growth. But when the jawbone lacks the required stimulation, it causes the jaw bones to shrink, changes the figure of your face and begins to break down the bones soon. However wearing dental implants Melbourne will help avoid this, and keep your jawbone functional enough to support a tooth.

Teeth Shifts

When a tooth is missing, it will cause the jawbone to shrink. This will cause even the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap, and start relocating within to fill the gap. Earlier these teeth were lined up to make an efficient chewing system, but as the teeth shift, they get misaligned creating bite problems. Another disadvantage is, the shifted teeth are not firmly rooted to the jaw, which makes them susceptible to damages. Getting an affordable dental implants cost in Melbourne could help you ease off this problems and keeps your jaw in good shape.


When there is a loss of tooth, it causes strain on the jaw bone resulting in headaches including migraines. But the problem doesn’t end here, with the teeth shifting from their original place, they get misaligned and are prone to face stress than earlier, resulting in tooth damage.

Sunken Face

Extracting a tooth out will make your face appear thinner and sunken. This will give a prematurely aged look to your face, which might worsen your good looks as time passes by.

The way you smile is very important. Smile makes you feel beautiful and confident every time, and it also impacts the way others connect with you. When you are missing a tooth, there are many chances that you might hold back. So, get the best help from a dentist that offers dental implants Melbourne, and bring a life-changing joy into your living. Are you missing teeth? Don’t delay any further, get an appointment with the experienced dentists to check if dental implants are right for you.

The author is an experienced dentist who offers dental implants Melbourne. He is also a blogger who offers various tips on maintaining oral health. Visit https://affordabledentistcbd.melbourne/ for more details.

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