What Flowers Say “I Love You”?

For centuries, beautiful flowers have been used to profess love to romantic partners. Even if you have not uttered a word to your crush, gifting the right bouquet of flowers will convey a clear message of love. So make the most of this Valentine’s Day by mixing and matching the flower options that convey the message of love to your partner. Here we have compiled a short list of flowers as suggested by the florists from flower shops in Lafayette CO that convey the message ‘I Love You.’

Lilies– These flowers are a bold choice for a gift. Lilies in bright pink and white are often given to a person who amazes you. These heavenly scented flowers are one of the best choices to convey your feeling of love to your infatuated one. Lilies also indicate strong bond with your partner. Order these Be My Love bouquets from the expert florists and get a same day flower delivery in Lafayette CO.

Orchids – Orchid blooms are one of the most romantic flowers that signify the depth of your love to your lover. Orchids are unique flowers that are available in almost every hue. And, in the language of love, it is thought that the more unique the flower you give your lover, the more innate is your love. Express your exotic love with orchids through Flower delivery Lafayette CO. They will help you get these beautiful flowers beautifully arranged at the right time.

Chrysanthemum – Gifting these flowers mean ‘I Love You’ in a plain and simple way. Chrysanthemum is the most popular flower in the world to express love after the Rose. So, if you are looking to convey your love straightaway for a person, send him/her a bouquet of red chrysanthemums through flower delivery Lafayette CO, that represents ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s Day.

Red Roses – These are the most popular flowers which personify true love. Though roses are available in different shades, red roses are the most sought after to convey the magical words ‘I love you.’ It is said that the deeper the shade, the deeper is your love for your partner. Convey your love with your heart and soul, simply by gifting a bouquet of deep red roses this Valentine’s day.

Tulips – The Victorian language of flowers indicates that giving red tulips to someone means that you are affirming your love for that person. If you are looking to express ‘I Love You’ in the most spring like way to win your love’s heart, then tulips are the best ones to consider. Tulips are available in many shades. Yet, red tulips make the best choice to show your love.

Be it Valentine’s day or a regular day, you can’t go wrong with any one of these flower choices for your beloved one. The gift of flowers is most appreciated to say ‘I Love You’ no matter what occasion or time of the year is. Simply tell your love how much they mean to you with a beautiful bouquet and you are sure to woo them!

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