What Flowers Do You Give For Congratulations?

Gifting someone with a beautiful bouquet or floral arrangement is the most sincere way to confess your admiration for their most impressive moments in life. Some of these moments may possibly include a promotion at work, sports achievement, a hard-earned feat, school and college graduations, or any successes. Flowers always play a prominent role in any ceremonial rituals and winning parties. Actually, one of the top common reasons people send flowers is to express ‘congratulations’.

Flowers have different meanings connected to them. Right from the color scheme to the type of flower, each bouquet is gifted to convey varied emotions. Here we have listed a few flowers and color blends to serve as inspiration the next time, when you are looking out for flowers to congratulate a friend or family member.


Roses don’t just denote love and affection. They can convey various meanings. Yellow roses symbolize joy, friendship and they create a remarkable mood boost. While white roses mean purity and innocence, orange roses convey uncompromising energy, gratitude and passion. Usually giving 12 roses is an ultimate expression of love, while 25 roses express congratulations.


Tulips can indicate many things including recognition. This flower can be best used to rejoice the accomplishment of fame of some sort, like congratulating on a public speaking event, or to the ones who play the lead in a show. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big fame, it can be given for even a small recognition. If you are looking to send some cheerful thoughts, you can send yellow tulips through flower delivery Lafayette CO, as this flower demonstrates happiness and lifts up the spirits. Though pink tulips also signify happiness, they epitomize confidence and power.


Carnations come in a variety of colors, and new varieties are being introduced continually. Admiration, innocence, pride, love, and unpredictability are a few of the various concepts symbolized by carnations. This makes carnations a good option for any occasion like – new birth, engagement or an accomplishment. Some carnations will have a beautiful, cinnamon-like fragrance. Consult a Lafayette florist who will help you choose the right flower for the right occasion.


The Orange tiger lilies are gifted to exhibit pride, especially when a parent looks to congratulate their child after graduating from college, and the Peruvian Lilies symbolize friendship and devotion toward another person. These flowers are a good way to congratulate someone you know very well. While, white lilies denote innocence, so they are suitable to congratulate parents on the birth of a newborn baby.

The arrangement of flowers is very important when it comes to impress your recipient. So, it is best to get the help of the best florist in Lafayette CO, who will create a unique floral arrangement and make the bouquet lively!

The author is a Lafayette florist, who designs flowers for various occasions. He is also an avid blogger. Visit http://lafayetteflorist.com for more details.

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