What Exactly Goes into Dental Implants Cost?

So you wanted to replace your missing teeth with dental implants but sceptical about the cost of dental implants. Let’s be clear in one thing that when it comes to your oral health, cost shouldn’t be a major concern. But, unfortunately, many are worried about the dental implants cost Melbourne. Of course, dental implants price is higher than other teeth replacement options, but for good reasons.

Dental implants in Melbourne offer incredible benefits which are not found in other teeth replacement options like dentures and bridges. While denture seems to be inexpensive as the upfront cost is low, you’ll have to spend often for maintenance and even have to replace the dentures after a certain period. On the other hand, dental implants are a one-time investment. Yes, a permanent solution to your missing teeth.

So, what exactly goes into dental implants cost?

The number of dental implants

Dental implant cost depends on several factors, and the number of replacement teeth you need is one of them. The more implants you need, the more you have to pay. So, figure out how many dental implants you need. If you want to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, go for all-on-four implants as you will require only four implants. Yes, the bridge-supported dental implants are a clever technique that uses only four implants to replace an entire arch of missing teeth.

The material of the implant and crown

Usually, dental implants are made of Titanium and zirconium materials. Titanium is the widely used material for dental implants as they naturally fuse with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration to form a sturdy foundation to hold the replacement teeth. However, zirconium is also recommended by dentists. So, you need to find out which material you need upon discussing with your dentist. Also, the crown is customised to fit your other natural teeth.

The crown is made with various materials that can last forever. Speak to your dentist and find out the options your dentist has. Since implants are customised to mimic your natural teeth, they are expensive.

No other teeth replacement option replaces the root of a missing tooth like dental implants. Implants serve as the root of the new teeth and provide a strong foundation to hold the crown.

Experience of the dentist

Yes, the more experienced your dentist is, the more you have to pay. Dental implants require experience and knowledge as it has to be precisely placed inside the jawbone. So, choose the dentist who has experience in placing dental implants.

Additional procedure

If you don’t have bone quality, then you need to undergo an additional procedure to reconstruct your bone before receiving the implants. This also affects the overall cost of the procedure. Moreover, if you need a tooth extraction or sinus lift, then those prices will be added to the cost of the dental implant.

As you see, there are a lot of factors involved in cheap dental implants Melbourne cost and it may vary from one person to another. Speak to your dentist, and find out the price for your case.

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