What Every Teacher Should Have In Their Classroom Background?

Now that almost all of us have to adjust to the remote education system, you might probably be looking out for different ways to embellish your visual teaching space. You might have tested your computer, mic, internet speed that you will use for teaching. Only by then you realised that something’s missing on your background. Don’t panic. Here are a few fun learning teaching resources Australia to help with background ideas –

Inspirational and Positive Classroom Posters

Adding up colourful and inspirational posters is the best way to brighten up your virtual classroom. These posters are not just colourful, but they would also convey a cheery and inspirational message, creating a positive vibe in the students. You could also change them each day for the students to read, and obviously it is sure to decorate your space.

Friends of Ten Posters

Get these Friends of 10 Posters from the best teacher resources, which are easy to read, and contains the visual representation of rainbow and addition combinations, numbers, table format, Ice-cream scoops and cones, dice combinations and colours which are easy to recognise by the kids.

Funky & Fruity Digital Paper

You could use these digital papers to embellish your teaching space for kids. They are going to love it for sure. You could either use one or a combination of these posters to make your background appear organised. Get the coolest digital paper from the teacher resources websites.


Getting a colourful and kid-friendly world map is easy and highly affordable too. Additionally, it would make your space appear like that of a school. You can make use of the map and use it to teach country names or show it out to point your student’s location. You could protect your map before hanging up on the wall, so that you could denote the places using dry-erase pen.

Rewards System Board

Using a rewards system board is sure to brighten up your young learners for their achievements in class. All you have to do is print out small stars of fun images and put them up on the whiteboard behind you. Your students are going to get excited and your classroom is sure to be energetic.

Alphabet or Numbers Chart

If you are handling small kids, then alphabet or number charts are a best add-on to your background. They would come in handy for teaching letters, counting and pronunciation. Regardless of hanging the chart, you can also stick individual flash cards containing alphabets or numbers on the whiteboard.

The opportunity to adorn your space in a creative way is limitless. Hopefully these tips will help you transform your dull space into a lively space and create a better class room experience for the students.

The author is an experienced teacher who offers guidance to the teachers through his blogs. He makes use of teaching resources Australia to teach the students. Visit https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/ for more details.

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