What EV charger is compatible with Australian Grey Imports of Electric Cars such as the Nissan Leaf

Australia’s has finally updated it’s laws in regards to grey imports with a new set of regulations introduced in December 2019. This change in the SEV scheme reduces the wait to under 3 months instead of 18 months from when a vehicle to launched. SEV are included if the importer decides not to launch. This means cars such as the long range 62kW Nissan Leaf and KIA Soul.

New Zealand’s scheme has meant that despite only have 1/5th of the Australian population they have a similar number of electric cars.

To learn more about the scheme visit the government website.

So you’re importing an electric car to Australia. How do you go about charging it?

Option 1 – Portable EV Charger

A simple, plug and play charger which delivers a charge speed: 2 kW or 12 km charge per hour. Plugs straight into an Australian outlet. Remember to check what outlet your vehicle is. Call EVSE Australia for details

Warranty: 2-year

Option 2 – Home EV Charger

A simple or smart home, plug and play charger which delivers a charge speed: 7 kW or 40km charge per hour. This solution called a level 2 requires an electrician to install and has higher set up costs when compared to option 1.


Intelligent smart charging for Home & workplaces

Modular, scalable and futureproof

Up to 7 kW charging

Free APP

Energy Tariff integration

Solar integration

One Fleet Integration

Once you have chosen the option that suits your needs ensure that the charging systems are compliant to Australian standards to avoid any warranty and insurance issues. We recommend using an Australian supplier who can verify and guarantee the electrical requirements for the products.

Option 3- Commercial EV charger

For commercial clients it’s recommend to use an intelligent EV charging system that incorporates a back end cloud management system within the scaleable futureproof charging ecosystem.

Commercial-EV-Charger Commercial-EV-Charger-2

– Intelligent smart charging for fleets, workplaces and destinations

– Modular, scalable and futureproof via EO Hub

– Up to 22kW charging

– Accessible by App or RFID

– Unique backplate mounting system

– Wall or post-mounted options available

Right-hand drive like Japan make up the bulk of the grey import supply. With it’s different electrical grid often importers will have to source Australian based supply. Companies such as www.evse.com.au are the leaders in grey import EV charging solutions and provide a price beat guarantee against any local supplier to ensure you get the best price.

Sam Korkees believes in EV’s and the future of clean mobility. Through his company EVSE Australia he has installed more electric car charge points in Australia from backyard conversions to high rise penthouses. To know more, visit https://evse.com.au

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