What Do You Do In A Dental Emergency?

In most cases, patients are not aware of what to do during the dental emergencies. Dental emergencies can be potentially serious and might require the care of an expert emergency dentist Blacktown. In case, if you ignore an oral problem now, you could be at risk of a permanent damage, which might end up in a complicated and expensive treatment at the later stages.

You know what to do in care of a medical emergency, especially when someone is bleeding, you can give the basic first aid by covering the wound with gauze or a cloth or call an ambulance if someone encounters a heart attack. But what do you do in a dental emergency?

There are two options –

(i) Rush to an emergency dentist Blacktown or

(ii) Take care for the injury yourself until you visit the dentist.

Here are a few common dental emergencies, and details of what to do if you encounter one.

Pain in Tooth

Just in case, you experience a toothache, you must first rinse your mouth with warm water. But, in case of swelling, you must press the area with a cold compress from the outside of your mouth. You can take a pain killer as prescribed by the dentist. But, if your tooth ache is extremely painful, you must not wait long. You must seek the help of an emergency dentist Blacktown.

Cracked Tooth

You can either use a cold compress against your face, or rinse the mouth with warm water to clean up the area or reduce the swelling. In this case, it is good to see the dentist as early as possible, as cracked tooth can easily cause a great problem.

Broken Tooth

A cracked tooth can easily turn into a broken tooth. If you notice any lumps or a broken line which is going up the tooth, if you tooth is pushed up a little into your gum, shifted, bleeding or broken off, you must see your dentist right away. They will advise what to do next. They will either ask you to meet an emergency or cosmetic dentist Blacktown. If you have any pieces of your broken tooth, save it!

Bleeding from Mouth

If you are experiencing a severe bleeding in your mouth, you might have either encountered an acute condition. Usually gingivitis or gum disease generates blood during a dental floss. But, if you notice blood in your saliva, it could be due to some serious gum disease or even cancer. It is not normal to get sever bleeding from your mouth. You must get immediate help. Keep your head elevated, until you meet the dentist.

Injury in Mouth

You must seek an immediate medical attention for any mouth injuries. In case, if you have a distorted-looking jawline due to injury, it might require an emergency treatment. In such cases, keep you face still as possible till you receive the medical attention.

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