What Do Florists Do?

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes in making those beautiful bouquets you see at a flower shop. There are flowers to purchase, staff to train, deliveries to schedule, social media to update… the list goes on! Florists are great multi-taskers who can take a phone call with one hand and hold a bouquet of 24 roses in the other hand. What’s involved in a typical day in a flower shop?

Our florists in Toronto Ontario start with a love of natural beauty. We use nature as inspiration for our colour combinations and arrangement styles. Design principles of balance, emphasis, movement, proportion and unity are applied to every creation. With skills in these fundamentals, floral designers have freedom to produce tasteful and eye-pleasing pieces in all price ranges.


Some florists have taken formal training in design schools, while others learn the trade in a shop. The world of floral design is closely tied to the world of fashion. Which means that styles are always evolving and florists need to be aware of what is trending. In a sense, the training never ends. There is always more to learn, more techniques to master, more speed and efficiency to develop.

Sourcing Product

At Wilbe Bloomin, our first goal in sourcing flowers and plants is to find local growers who supply the top quality. You may be surprised to know that cymbidium orchids, anthuriums, gerbera and many types of lily are actually grown in southwestern Ontario!

As an eco-friendly florist, we start with local – preferably locally-grown organic. For flowers that need to be imported, we select growers who follow the Fair Trade protocols. These will be certified by Veriflora, Rainforest Alliance, or Sierra Eco.

Design and Display

Using local, organic or fair trade flowers means that our displays are always changing with the seasons. Walk into our shop to browse the bouquets and you’ll see a different assortment every week. Our designers like to create arrangements in interesting combinations of the flowers available. We love it when you ask for a designer’s choice! It will be creative and beautiful, a custom design for your special occasion.

Weddings and Parties

In these days of COVID, the elegant, intimate wedding is in vogue. Florists can help with creating a beautiful, Instagram-worthy setting that looks gorgeous in person, online and in photos. An experienced designer will help you select colours, styles and types of flowers for your bouquets, centrepieces, ceremony decorations and boutonnieres. It will all come together to make the wedding day look romantic and elegant.

Flower Delivery Toronto

Same day flower delivery Toronto can save you from an embarrassing situation! Forget to get a birthday gift? Send a bright custom floral bouquet! Order your flowers by noon and we’ll get market-fresh blossoms to your recipient that same day.

The author is a skilled florist in Toronto Ontario. Along with a team of professionals, he offers world-class flower delivery service to his customers. Visit https://wilbebloomin.ca/ for more details.

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