What Do Different Lily Colors Mean?

Do you know that the lily is ranked as the fourth most popular, beautiful flower across the globe? With their color, elegance, and fragrance, lilies never fail to impress the recipients. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, a promotion at work, graduation or to show sympathy, cut lilies make a thoughtful and beautiful gift for any occasion.

Although the white Easter lily is the most common color that comes to mind, they come in a range of shades, shapes, and sizes.

When a person sends someone special this bloom, the color of the lily typically indicates its symbolic meaning. Yes, different colors and types of lilies hold a variety of meanings across the globe in different cultures. However, generally, lilies represent passion, purity, royalty, and rebirth.


Pink lilies represent admiration, love, compassion, and femininity. Choose pink lilies if you want to express your love to your mom, aunt, sister, or someone you’re interested in knowing better. Lilies come in different shades of pink. According to Bismarck florists, if you want to show your admiration or passion, pink lilies are the best choice. So, if you are going for a date, take a bouquet of pink lilies along with you or surprise her with a flower delivery Bismarck.


White lilies represent modesty and purity, making them a perfect choice for conveying your condolences at funerals, accompanied by a sympathy card. White lilies are also popular for expressing your love to your special someone. White Oriental lilies are elegant and long lasting, and have a wonderful fragrance. Also, white lilies are a grand addition to any bridal floral bouquet to convey the purity and commitment in marriage.


Yellow lilies evoke happiness, joy and lightheartedness. Do you want to brighten someone’s day? Yellow lilies are the perfect choice as they sure to put a smile on someone’s face! Besides, you can also tell your mum or a close relative how much you value their presence by having a bouquet of yellow lilies delivered to them.


Orange lilies represent warmth, energy, confidence and honor. If you want to appreciate someone’s amazing work or express your gratitude to a particular person for a job they’ve done, you can’t go wrong with orange lilies.


Purple lilies symbolize success, pride, dignity, and admiration. If your friend or special someone loves luxury flowers, a bouquet with a dash of purple is sure to sweep them off their feet.

The next time when you visit the Bismarck flower shops, choose the best shade to convey your feelings and emotions to the recipient.

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