What Colour Should You Paint A Conference Room?

Human beings rely on their vision very much, so there’s no surprise that the colour of a space can influence the person’s mood and emotional status. Do you know, the brand McDonald’s painted their interiors with yellow and red for specific reasons? Yes, the colour red is stimulating and increases the heartbeat rate, which in turn boosts the appetite, while the colour yellow signifies happiness and is very attractive in the daylight, which becomes easy to spot out.

When it comes to conference rooms, they are often associated with brainstorming sessions, and a place which generates creative and functional ideas for the business. So, it is important to energise your room with colours that replicate the style of your business.

NO White!!

Though you might have spotted many classic conference rooms with walls painted in white, making the space feel crisp and clean, this colour is identified to affect a person’s mood, ultimately hindering the worker’s effectiveness. Hence painting the walls with colours that stimulate positivity and creativity should be chosen.

Here are some guidelines from the commercial painters Sydney that you can choose for your conference room –

Red Colour – Painting your conference room in red colour will help make a bold statement of your brand. Red is a strong stimulator of emotions, hence it can turn out to be risky at times. This is because, it can lead to extreme conversations which can be productive or combative. For this reason, it is best to paint the room with two colours, with red being one of them. Doing this will help you make fast decisions without intensifying the ambiance.

Blue Colour – If you are looking to bring out honesty, truth, trusty, wisdom and faith, then you must add blue colour to your conference hall. Blue is often linked to calming waters and the skies. It can provoke calmness by reducing the metabolic rate. Though there are different hues of blue colour, dark blue could bring your team closer. Whereas, painting the wall with lighter shade of blue encourages new thoughts. The commercial painting contractors Sydney suggest that, if your business involves think about creative ideas, then you should go for blue colour for your conference hall.

Green Colour – The colour green is associated with nature, and offers the feeling of freshness, growth, and stability. The experts in commercial painting Sydney suggest that, if you are looking to add more liveliness to your conference room, then you must paint it green. Moreover, it will add peace and calmness into the space to come up with challenging topics.

Hopefully, this information will help you choose the best colour for your conference room. If you are still confused, discuss with the commercial painters Sydney, who will help you choose the right colour based on your business!

The author is one of the renowned commercial painters in Sydney. He is also a blogger who writes on various colour choices for both residential and commercial spaces. Visit https://www.colourlifepainting.com.au for more details.

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