What Causes Hearing Loss In The Elderly?

It is normal to experience a number of changes in the functions of the body as one ages. Loss of hearing is one among them. This is a common condition which influences older adults. Almost one in two older adults over 65 suffers from some degree of hearing loss. This condition is called presbycusis. Though it is not a dangerous condition, it can have a significant impact on the lifestyle of the elderly person. They may have difficulty talking to friends and family and understanding and responding to instructions.

What are some signs of hearing loss?

Some people with hearing problems might not realise it often. The professionals in aged care agency in Sydney recommend one to be taken to the doctor if –

– There is any trouble hearing over the phone

– Difficulty in following conversations, when two or more people are speaking

– Requesting people to repeat what they are saying

– The TV volume has to be turned up so loud, which makes others complain

– Hearing problems amid the background noise

– Can’t understand what the children are speaking

– Others might seem to murmur or speak softly

What Causes Hearing Loss?

– Damage in Inner Ear – Due to aging and contact with loud noises, it could cause wearing away of the hairs or nerve cells present in the cochlea, which sends electrical signals to the brain. This causes hearing loss.

– Build-up of Earwax – Too much build-up of earwax can result in blocking of the ear canal. This further prevents transmission of sound waves. The experts in home care services suggest removing the earwax, as it will help in restoring back the hearing.

– Ear Infection – Infection in any part of the ear – outer or middle, can result in loss of hearing. Also, any abnormal growth of bone or tumours can also result in hearing problems.

– Tympanic Membrane Perforation – This condition arises due to a ruptured eardrum caused by loud blasts of noise, poking an eardrum with an object or an infection. This has serious implications for a person’s hearing.

By What Age Does Loss Of Hearing Begin?

As we age, our organs also age. Everyone ages differently, but normally when you reach the age of 60, the ability to hear may not be as sharp as it used to be. This happens gradually, which most of us fail to notice, until the loss creates trouble in their ability to perceive conversation with family and friends. Even the affected person might fail to address it. Hence, the experts from home care for elderly suggest that due care is essential to maintain a better quality of life!

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