What Can You Do To Help The Older Adults During The Coronavirus Disease Pandemic?

The novel coronavirus can infect anyone from kids to elderly people. But, it is the people above the age group 60 and above, that are most likely to get fatally sick. There are many tips available for all age groups, to stay protected from the virus, however there are certain safety measures which the older adults should follow to safeguard their health. This is because, as people age, their immune system gets weakened, making it hard for their body to fight against any diseases or infection. Also, as age increases, the respiratory system or lungs gets destabilised, and people who suffer from chronic medical conditions like, kidney problems, heart or lung disease are identified to be at higher risk of corona virus. Here are a few tips from the experts at Sydney Home Care to help the older adults protected during the Coronavirus pandemic –

Stock Up The Regular Medications

It is essential to well-stock the essential medicines, particularly for the older adults with chronic medical conditions for several weeks, in case if they have to stay home. If the older adult is staying with your family, understand what medications your loved one requires, and see if you can help them get their required medications. In case, if the older adult stays alone, get the help of private home care professionals to help your elderly loved ones, as they would assist in taking medications or take medical appointments or help with Hospital stays.

Cleaning and Sanitisation

During this pandemic season it is essential to keep the home clean and disinfected regularly. It might be hard for the older adults to keep their space clean every time. Therefore getting the help of home care for elderly professionals would be a great idea as they would spring clean the place and keep it tidy and disinfected.

Avoid Travel

The geriatric experts,’ advice against plane or cruise travel for older adults. This is due to the chances of person-to-person transmission at a confined space. So, if you are an older adult who is intending to travel, it is best to cancel the plan.

It is essential to extend essential support to older the people, especially during this pandemic. Elderly people need safe access to basic supplies, medicine and food to support their physical health, but the sad part is, they are often dependent on someone to maintain their daily routine. For this, get the help of Sydney Home Care services that has a comprehensive understanding of the elderly needs, and knows how well to support them in their daily lives.

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