What Can Microsoft Excel Do That Google Sheets Cannot?

In recent years, Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets have been quietly waging war for the title of the best spreadsheet program. While many people have been using Excel for decades to create everything from revenue forecasts and sales reports, to project schedules and Gantt charts, Google’s web-based spreadsheet platform is a total game-changer for editing and sharing data in today’s connected age.

So which is better? The answer lies in what you need from a spreadsheet program. In essence, both apps are extremely useful for personal use as they are equipped with easy-to-use functionalities and formulas to “crunch” quantitative data. If the purpose is to allow multiple users to work on a single spreadsheet, then Google Sheets has the upper hand as it is a cloud-based program that allows multiple users to edit, organize, and analyze different types of information in real-time.  Excel also allows multiple users, but Google Sheets is better for collaborative efforts.

While the desktop version of Microsoft Excel is not as good at sharing data as Google Sheets, it surely “excels” the latter in many aspects – particularly in terms of creating custom functions and task automation.

If you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel and the features that make it better than Google Sheets, check out this detailed infographic from Landau Consulting.

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