What can Home Caregivers do for your aged Parents and their safety?

Have your parents said that they want to stay in their own home no matter what? Well, that shouldn’t be surprising. In fact, 87% of adults aged above 65 wanted to stay in their home and community as they age. As an adult child, this can be quite difficult for you as you wanted to ensure that your parents are safe at home. However, with proper preparation and planning you can help them age safely in their own home. Moreover, when you are sure that your parents are safe and ageing happily within their own home, you can have total peace of mind.

If you are wondering who can help and support your parents, it is Home Care Sydney. All you need to do is find a trusted, reliable home care provider who has an exemplary reputation. Keep reading to know what home caregivers can do for your parents and their safety.


It is common for the elderly to become more forgetful. Have you noticed your parents forgetting the name of a friend, leaving bills unpaid, leaving a pot on the stove, asking the same question again and again or more importantly forgetting to take their medication? These signs are not something to ignore; they need evaluation and help. This is what exactly home care offers. The caregivers will take care of your aging parents, helping them age stress-free. They will give medications on time and support them in every way possible.

Household cleanliness:

Have you noticed a decline in general organisation and cleanliness of your parent’s home? Is there an increasing amount of clutter that could pose a tripping hazard? These signs could be an indication that your parents have less energy, mobility and ability to manage household chores. However, when aged care home care experts are by their side, they will take care of all the cleaning chores or support your parents to do it themselves if they wish to. They will also handle spring cleaning and wash off Blinds and curtains.

Weight loss:

If your parents are not eating enough fresh food, or losing weight, it can impact their overall health. The reason behind maybe they have lost energy to prepare or cook meals. On the other hand, losing weight can also be a sign of some serious underlying health issue which you should be concerned about. Home caregivers can assist them in preparing and cooking meals. They can take your parents for shopping for groceries or other essential to make them comfortable.

Mood changes:

For most of us, it is sad to see a decline or change in the personality of our aging parents. Suppose your parents are becoming more socially isolated, losing interest in activities, expressing fear about performing outdoor activities. In that case, it could possibly be a sign of natural response to the process of aging. In some cases, it can also indicate more serious issues like dementia or depression that require proper assessment by professional. The home caregivers can, however, check the well being of your parents help them involve in activities they love to stay healthy and Happy.

Ultimately you will have the peace of mind that your parents are safe and happy with the assistance from home care service. Home care services also offer residential aged care facilities, in case your parents need more professional care.

The author is an avid blogger. Dedicated to providing services to our elderly, he owns a Home Care Sydney. He is a leader in quality affordable services for the Aged and has 71 centres and facilities throughout NSW. Visit https://upasydney.org.au/ for details.

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