What are the various types of PHP errors?

1. Parse error or syntax error:

This is the programmer’s type of error in the program’s source code. The compiler must notice the syntax error. The compiler must compile and execute the code after the syntax error has been corrected. Dues to unclosed quotations, incomplete or Extra braces, missing semi-column, etc. can be caused by parse errors.


2.Fatal error:-

This is the type of error where the PHP compiler does not recognize a specified function but understands the PHP code. It implies that without the function description, the function is named.


3. Warning Errors:-

Including a missing file is the main reason for warning errors. This means the missing file is called by the PHP function.


4. Note Error:-

The warning error is identical. This means there is something wrong in the program but it allows the script to be executed.


5. PHP has three common runtime error types:-


1. Notices: 

These are minor, uncritical errors PHP experiences while executing a script such as access to a variable that was not previously specified. Although the default behavior can be altered, these errors are not shown by default for the client.


2. Warnings: 

Warnings are more serious errors like attempting to include a non-existent folder. Such errors are shown to the client by default but do not lead to termination of the script.


 3. Fatal errors: 

These are critical errors in the instantiation or invocation of a non-existent class object, for example. Such errors cause the script to be immediately terminated and the default behavior of PHP is to show them when they occur to the client.



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