What Are the Signs your Acura’s AC Needs to be Serviced Professionally?


As soon as you get in the car, you can’t wait to crank up that AC. At its worst, the AC can undermine you and your vehicle’s safety. Most of us don’t miss the air conditioning feature in our Acura car until it’s gone. To avoid getting caught in the summer heat with no relief in sight, you should be on the lookout for signs of air conditioning problems lurking behind your dashboard, and take your Acura car to the right Acura repair shop in San Antonio TX.

If you notice any of the following, or if you can’t find the issue, make a service appointment for an AC check today. Search for “acura repair shop near me” to find an honest Acura AC service provider. Below are a few signs indicating that your Acura car’s air conditioning needs to be repaired.

1.Unpleasant Odors

Breathing in impure air could trigger allergic reactions or even exacerbate existing or underlying respiratory illnesses. If you smell a mildew-like odor when your air conditioner is running, mold could be growing inside your vehicle’s air conditioning system. This isn’t good for the system, and it is even worse for your health.

2.Strange Noises

From leaves, twigs, and mouse nests to trash, the cause of strange noises could be any number of things. If debris gets lodged in the blower motor, your car’s condenser might begin to wear out and become close to breaking. So, if you hear a banging sound or rattling noise, you should have your system checked out as soon as possible.

3.Air Conditioning Blows Hot Air

If your air conditioning still blows cool air, but it’s not as cool as you remember it being, your problem may be as simple as needing to have the system recharged with new refrigerant. The most obvious symptom of a broken air conditioner is when it no longer blows cool, crisp air from the vents, and instead blows warm or hot air.

These are the signs your vehicle’s air conditioner needs to be serviced. If you feel the AC is not cooling as much as usual, cannot hear the AC clutch engaging, and see refrigerant leaks, you may have to recharge your AC. The friendly and professional technicians at Arrowwood Automotive are standing by to help you keep your car’s air conditioning system working, so you can stay cool on the road.

The Bottom Line

We take our car air conditioner for granted and forget it needs service to stay in fine working order. Whether you’re on a family road trip or your daily commute, your car’s AC should keep you cool and comfortable all through the hot, humid summer. Contact the right Acura auto mechanic in San Antonio TX and get your Acura car’s AC issue fixed.

The author of this article is a leading Acura auto mechanic in San Antonio TX. In this article, he discusses signs that your Acura’s AC needs to be serviced professionally. To learn more, visit http://arrowwoodauto.com.

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