What Are The Signs That Your Septic Tank Is Full?

Septic system’ is one of home’s most important components, which no one wants to talk about. If you have one, you know very well, that it can cause a lot of problems if it floods. But how do you understand if your septic system is getting full, so that you can set it right before the stink starts? Don’t worry, here are some signs that indicate that your septic tank is reaching its maximum or is full, and needs immediate attention.

– Pool of Water around the Septic System’s Drain Field – If you see a mini lake around the drain field of your septic tank, could mean that it is overflowing. When your tank touches its maximum, there could be some solid waste that causes the clogging of your drain field piping system. This forces the liquid to touch the surface. And this is what you see on the lawn, a lot of water on the field even if it hasn’t rained. It’s best to have a septic tank pump out Adelaide to set it right.

– Slow Moving Drains – When the drains move slowly, it indicates that there is a clog. But, if the drains move slowly even after you have taken some unclogging measures, then it is a sign that your septic tank is full, which might call for an immediate Septic pumping Adelaide. This slow moving also relates to the slow flushing toilets.

– Stinky Odour – Your septic tank collects all the waste water at home, including showering, laundry, waste water and the black water from the toilets. This mixture is sure to create a noticeable stinky smell, which will make your neighbourhood plug their noses. So, if you get some nasty smell it is a mark that you need to get the help of septic tank pumping Adelaide, you need to clear it out, before anyone complaints.

– Your Lawn should Look Consistent all over – The grass that is growing above your septic tank should appear the same as the other grass in your lawn. If you find the grass is overly green and abundant in that particular area, this could mean that your septic tank is oozing out, and needs immediate attention by the septic pumping Adelaide services.

– Sewer Backup – This is the most visible sign that indicates that you have to empty your tank immediately. You need to check the lowest of the drains first, the basement bathroom. If you notice anything unpleasant, you need to get a professional help immediately.

– Nitrate Content in Well Water – If you have a well, and if you rely on the well water, it is best to check the well water at least once a year and see if it has higher nitrate levels, as it can be an indication that the water from the septic tank is overflowing and seeping into the drinking water.

If you see any signs of sewage backup, get the help of septic pumping services. At times, all you might need would be a mere pumping service. But, if you ignore, it might result in serious problems or create drain field issues.

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