What Are The New Wedding Trends?

Are you planning to get married in 2020? May be you have already started with the planning process for your big day, and is in the verge of setting on the finishing touches. Whether you have just begun with the planning process or at the end, read through the latest wedding trends that will give you an extra dose of inspiration.


This year, most couples are trying to be more creative and have taken a step towards the go green concept. For example, some couples are decisive about using their heirlooms stones that is passed down from their families for the wedding/engagement rings. While others look to source most of the things locally, who prioritize the “going green” concept. Yes, Couples are looking to create zero waste weddings and generate up-cycling as much as possible.

Nonconventional Wedding Dresses

Nowadays, brides have started looking out for modern and fresh non-conventional bridal dresses that depicts patterns, and silhouettes. The traditional ball gown and the classic princess-style dresses are slowly fading away. It is now an exciting phase for the wedding dresses.

Micro Weddings

Most couple these days look forward for small sized, intimate weddings. These micro weddings consist of only 40 people or less than that. Meaning, it would require only small unique wedding venues Sydney which is more personalized and exclusive. This will also help to save a lot of money, while making the guests feel very special.

Custom Invitations

Instead of mass-producing the wedding invites, couples nowadays hire a calligrapher to write things out. While some choose to create websites to invite the guests.


Setting the appropriate lighting plays a huge role in bringing the wedding décor to life. You can look to add basket lights, hanging lights, cocktail bar fronts lighting etc., to add a graceful look to the venue.

Long banquet tables

The traditional round tables are out-of-date. Now the vibe is all about dining on the long banquet table at the best wedding venues Sydney. This set-up can accommodate guest up to 30 members, and it simply looks amazing to dine on a flanking long table.

Customizable menus

These days the guests have so many food preferences like – gluten free, vegan, vegetarian etc. Offering customized menus will give the guests an impression that their requirement is taken care of, and they will feel very special.

Self-service Bar

Couples that are looking ahead to their guests to take part in fun filled experiment and action, can opt for the self-service bar to create the moment offering the guests with something to do at the reception. It is also estimated that the self-service bars will make the wedding more affordable for the couples.

Apart from the above listed trends, Outdoor wedding venues Sydney, is one of the recent trends which allows the couples and guests to enjoy a rustic themed wedding!

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