What Are The Most Common Causes Of iPad Damages?


People spend over $80million each year to fix their damaged iPad screen. This figure doesn’t include other parts of the device. A little damage on the device can lead to expensive iPad repairs Sydney. There is nothing worse than paying a lot of money to get a brand new iPad soon after purchasing it because of the cracked screen. Here are a few common causes of cracked iPad phones and screens.


This is one of the most common reasons of iPad screen repairs Sydney. But, it could be easily avoided. Mostly, users will be carrying many items in their hand or they might be walking and navigating at the same time. Unfortunately, they may end up dropping their phone.

Slammed in the car door

This one not only damages the screen but also breaks and bends the frame. It is very easier to get your device smashed between the doors in a matter of minutes. A little care and presence of mind can help avoid these kinds of damages.

Water damage

This is one of the major causes of damaged iPad. You may accidently drop it on the puddle of water or in your toilet. It is not advisable to take your phone to the bathroom and texting or scrolling while inside the bathroom. However, it may slip and you will end up dropping inside the toilet. The screen can crack from hitting the edge or when you try to pull it out from the closet. Sometimes water damages can cause you expensive repairs like iPad screen replacement Sydney, or even worse, the water damage is irreversible and you will need to get a brand new iPad.

Selfie damage

Although it is not common, it happens. People use selfie sticks to take pictures at different angles and often don’t have grip on their device that can result in falls and screen damage.

Run over it

Not all people will drop the device on the ground and then run over it. But, you will be surprised about how often people leave them on the roof of the car. The iPad will crack when you forgot and move the car or truck.

Jammed sockets

iPad has a large flat screen and a narrow body. However, it does have functioning parts, including the ports which can get damaged with dust and other substances. If the dust and debris make their way into the device, the damage can be serious.

Be it water damage or screen crack; take your device to the nearest repair centre that handles iPad repairs.

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