What Are the Important Video Marketing Trends For 2020?

“72 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube in every 60 seconds.”

Nowadays, it has become a challenge for the marketers to grab the attention of their target audience through the traditional marketing techniques. Everyone looks to create awareness for their brands using content of varied kinds. Among them, no other medium has contributed for the growth of business, like video did. Video marketing has been adopted by brands to narrate their story, highlight their unique value proposition, and to connect with the customers. Here are some strategies from the local SEO NYC experts that you must consider for video marketing –

Personalized Videos

Personalization helps connect with the target audience, by offering a bespoke experience. This is the reason why most local SEO NYC experts use personalization as their vital strategy, and offer tailored experiences. It also allows you to stick out from the crowd, giving an edge over the competitors, and to register the brand in the minds of the customer. Personalized videos have been in trend for a while now, and the increased demand by the customer makes it imperative for 2020.

Data Driven Approach

If you are planning to target the appropriate set of audience for your business, then you must include data driven approach to your video marketing strategy. This is because, only the right message at the right time, will help your business gain more engagement and conversion, ultimately improving the ROI.

Lengthy Videos

Previously, short-form videos were most preferred by the marketers as they were easy to create and upload on the social channels. But, these short videos, failed to connect with the targeted audience. Short videos do not stay memorable in the minds of the audience. According to a research, videos that were more than 15 minutes in length, helped create about 50% of audience engagement. Since the long videos convey a sustained story, it allows the audience to remember, creating a brand value. The upsurge in creating long videos is one of the anticipated key strategies for 2020.

360-degree videos

People are more interested in watching a 360-degree video, due to the advent of smart devices and VR headsets. According to a research, 360-degree videos were found to create an upsurge of 7% in the buying intent. This has compelled the need for creating 360-degree videos to help with the ROI, and to augment brand awareness and engagement.

Integrating Videos across Marketing Funnels

The SEO consultant NYC advices that, using videos at the brand awareness stage of the marketing funnel, can attract more audience towards the website. Engaging videos helps increase the click-through rate, helping convert the prospective leads into customers.

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