What are the Biggest SEO trends Expected For 2020?

Many new businesses springing up each day, and the competition is on the rise. Therefore staying ahead of the competitors is a must for any business. For this, staying on top of the SEO trends is a must. This will help a business to meet the requirements, which the search engines deploy to rank the websites. Google makes several algorithmic changes each year. Though these upgrades might seem to be minor, it could affect your website rankings considerably. So, stay prepared of what the future of Google SEO has in store of your business this year 2020.

Here are some of the top SEO trends that are expected for 2020, according to the professionals from internet marketing agency New York

– BERT Update–This algorithmic update happened in October 2019. It is said to have affected about 10% of the overall search results. BERT highlights on the long-tail queries.After the roll out of this update, many websites witnessed decline in rankings. With this update, Google has stressed more on intent matching instead of string matching.

– More Emphasis on Brand Building–The year 2020 will be about building the brands, rather than link building. This is because, when you focus on building the brand, you are inevitably gaining trust and authority for your brand. Make use of beneficial white hat marketing practices – podcasts, blogs, etc and take efforts to build the brand.

– Speech Recognition Tool–Most plugins now offer speech recognition tools. People these days love to listen to contents rather than reading it. So, make use of these tools and help improve the dwell time of the website.

– Zero-Click Searches–Google looks to offer the best possible answer to the user’s search query. Find out the keywords that will bring you the right clicks and optimize your queries.

– Featured Snippets – Gaining a place on the rich or featured snippets means, you are sure to get noticed by your users. But is very tricky to gain this position. You should work more on your content strategy, and optimize your data according to your user’s query.

– Work on Local Searches–Try to cover the keyword ‘Phone Number’ and ‘Near me’ for the local SEO NYC for your business. This can be done by customizing the ‘Google My Business page.’

– NeuralMatching–The neural matching algorithm allows Google to recognize the user’s search query with the available local search intent. It is not even necessary for the business name to be present. If you are thinking if this is something to worry about local SEO NYC, then it is a no. Not many changes are required, if it is fully optimized.

– Rank Brain– The primary purposes of Rank Brain is to categorize the billions of pages and help categorize the most important ones for the specific queries.

– Mobile Version–There are many research studies that confirm that 4 out of 5 people carry out local searches on their mobile phones. So, whatever many be the Google search algorithm, your website needs to have a mobile version to target the prospective buyers.

Stay updated with the latest SEO trends, to get more targeted traffic to your website. Do you require help with SEO services talk to our SEO consultant NYC today!

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