What Are the Advantages of Flake Ice Machine?


Are you looking for an ice machine that can help you both personal and commercial purpose? In addition, if you want the ice machine that is high in quality but you do not have enough budgets, then look no further than flake ice machine! This flake ice machine is one of the most reliable ice machines in the market today, and it can give you the refreshment that you want while at home for your business. This ice machine will provide you with all ice flakes that you need to create a refreshing beverage.

Flow Ice Shape and Making

Flake ice is commonly used to chill fish and other food products; however, it is also used in an array of other industries that require effective cooling systems, such as the concrete industry for example. Flake ice, also sometimes referred to as scale ice, is large, flat, thin pieces of ice. It’s normally formed in a drum. It is made by contact freezing a film of water on the inner or outer surface of the drum. The ice is sub-cooled so that it becomes extremely brittle. Once the ice is cracked, it falls due to gravity into the ice store.

Advantages of Flake Ice Machine

1. The ice machine is fully automatic control; the operator clicks on the switch can be operated. The evaporator materials are imported 304 stainless steel material or heat efficiency of carbon steel surface plating hard nobelium treatment, to ensure that the ice bucket super corrosion-resistant function and the clean health of borneol.

2. The ice machine can be installed in both high and low pressure, water, limit, overload and other protective devices. It enhanced the safety and stability of the ice-making machine, and allow you to make ice without the need for direct power to stop ice making. The evaporator has a simple structure and high versatility, so it is reliable and easy to maintain.

3. The cost of the ice machine will be affordable, the production cost of ice is economical, and 16 degrees Celsius water refrigeration becomes 1 ton of ice only. All you need is 80 degrees of electricity.

4. PLC programmable control system is used in a flake ice machine using to achieve reliable, safe, stable performance, and control. And so if you wish to achieve energy saving, automatic control, you can be controlled according to the amount of electricity at will automatically turn on the ice machine automatic boot and downtime.

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