Warning Signs That Your Hardwood Floor Needs a Refinishing Service

For many, the traditional and trendy look offered by hardwood floors makes it a favorite flooring choice. From the rich color to the lovely sheen, the look of any home can be incredibly enhanced by hardwood flooring in Overland Park KS. However, you can find noticeable imperfections in your flooring over years of use. These defects typically mean that it may be time for your wooden floors to be refinished. Before considering hardwood floor refinishing in Overland Park KS, here are a few indicators that you should look out for.

Dents and scratches

You can check out for dents, scratches, and gouges once your hardwood floor has been cleansed. This may occur as a result of a variety of causes, such as walking with shoes on the floor, dropping objects, or moving furniture. It’s certainly time for you to refinish the flooring if you find a lot of scratches and dents on your floor. If you see any splinters on the surface, to prevent any bumps on the surface, your floor may need sanding before refinishing it.


The protective sealant that is on its surface typically wears off after using your wooden floor for many years. This enables the sun’s dirt, water, and even UV rays to penetrate the wood. As a consequence, in certain places, you can readily find discoloration. The hardwood will turn black or grey in extreme cases. This is a sign that there are rapid refinishing services available for your floor. If you do not immediately fix your floor, you will need substantial repairs in the future, such as removing any rotting boards.

Level of Flooring

If your wooden floor is not at the same standard, then you’ll need the services of Best Deck Sanding and Refinishing. When you drop something on your floor and it rolls unprompted, you will quickly spot this. Furthermore, if the floor in certain places looks wavy, then it means you have a problem with moisture. When you lay down on the concrete, you can easily see wavy floor pieces. By re-finishing with a sealer to block off the moisture entirely, you will prevent further damage to the floor.

Cuppings or Gaps

The hardwood floor in your house should be perfectly designed. You can, however, note some gaps or cuppings over time between the wooden boards. This is primarily caused by rapid heating and cooling in the ambient air, or excessive moisture. Refinishing your floors will allow your floor to remove these gaps and cupping.

The Sticking Rugs

You will need floor sanding and refinishing services while you start to find your rugs spiking to your wooden floor. It is a warning in particular areas that your floor is worn out. Usually, the finishing used to polish wooden floors wears off easily and will need to be regularly retouched.

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