Virtual Workforce Statistics That Prove Remote Work Is The Future

Thanks to the current worldwide coronavirus pandemic, many companies were forced either to close down or to shift to a work from home setup. The sudden shift to a new work setup meant that businesses now have a remote workforce.

Some companies might face some difficulties with managing their employees who are working from their homes, but those that employed freelancers and virtual assistants will have fewer problems with them. Many businesses all over the world have benefitted from having a virtual workforce in the past since such employees can handle tasks that the main staff can’t afford to focus on.

Businesses can have cheap yet excellent labor as long as they seek virtual assistant services in the Philippines. Having to pay less for high-quality work allows a company to save on their operating expenses.

Thanks to freelancers and virtual assistants, various firms have experienced productivity boosts, including improvement in work performances, increased annual profits, lower labor costs, faster recruitment and onboarding processes, and others. Those who work from their homes will also be able to save time and money that they would have otherwise spent on commuting.


The US alone has nearly 60 million freelancers who work from their homes, and many of them chose to be one. Even though the majority of freelancers didn’t see improvement in their financial situations, they found out that they were happier after working remotely. Freelancing has led to far greater security for an individual’s career and financial security.

The younger generations in the workplace even want to join the growing number of freelancers in the United States since they wish to have more freedom while earning a living. 

As companies realize the advantages of having a remote workforce, the number of freelancers and remote workers will likely go up. The industry will become more competitive as the years go by, especially when businesses are looking to restart their operations at a low cost. To know more about why remote work is the future, see this infographic by OVA Virtual. 


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