Valentine’s Day Roses – What do their Colors Actually Mean?

Valentine’s Day is that special day when people celebrate their relationship with their partner through gifts and surprises. Gifting flowers on this special occasion is a classic idea, but before you make a decision, you will want to learn a little bit more about flowers, especially roses.

Being the most sought-after Valentine’s Day flower, you should choose the right color of rose to convey that special message to your loved one. Here is the symbolism hiding behind different colors of roses explained by a Providence florist for you:

Red Roses:

The color red simply means ‘I love you’. Red is all about love, passion, respect, romance, courage, and beauty. Having an arrangement of red roses from one of the leading Providence flower shops delivered on Valentine’s Day will mean a lot to your partner.

Pink Roses:

Pink roses represent gratitude, gentleness, appreciation, admiration, and happiness. The color pink means ‘thank you’, so if you want to thank your partner for being there for you, pink roses are perfect.

Orange Roses:

Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, desire, and passion. Orange roses mean ‘I want you’. When you are passionate for someone, orange roses convey exactly that to the recipient.

Yellow Roses:

Yellow roses convey the meaning “You bring me joy” or ‘You are my friend and I care about you’. The color yellow symbolizes friendship, new beginnings, happiness, and delight. Sending a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses via Providence flower delivery will certainly make the recipient’s day special.

White Roses:

White roses mean ‘I am the one’. If you are planning to propose to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, what better than gifting a beautiful bouquet of white roses? White is about true love, charm, purity, and innocence. Make the occasion truly special and memorable for the both of you by giving fresh white roses.

Peach Roses:

The color peach symbolizes intimacy. Peach roses mean ‘Let this be a memorable Valentine’s Day’. If you want to go out with your partner and spend some time together, peach roses will be the perfect choice.

Combination of Red and White Roses:

Combining roses of different colors also hold a special meaning. Gifting an arrangement of red and white Roses means ‘We are a great match’. Simply put, this combination is all about unity or togetherness.

A professional Providence florist will be able to guide you in choosing the right kind of roses to gift on Valentine’s Day. The experts will create appealing floral arrangements that will delight your partner.

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