Updates on the New Visa Law That You Must Know


Do you really want to extend your stay in Australia now that you’ve fallen in love with the place? And do you have a fear of inadvertently not providing or messing up some important requirement for the visa you have chosen to apply for and having your application refused? Contact the right migration lawyer in Perth. Before that, you should know things about the new visa law.

New Sponsored Parent Visa Subclass 870

Did you know sponsorship application for the new sponsored parent visa subclass 870 will commence now on? Once you get approval for the sponsorship application for subclass 870, the sponsored parent will then be able to apply for the new sponsored parent visa application.

Points to Remember Subclass 870 Visa

– The newly announced Parent visa is a temporary visa and not applicable to avail permanent residency in Australia.

– The parents must hold and maintain health insurance from Australia. The same must be valid for their desired duration of stay in Australia.

– The arrangement for sponsored parent visa is applicable for adoptive or biological parents and step-parents of citizens in Australia, permanent residents in Australia, and eligible citizens of New Zealand.

– A step-parent can apply for the visa only if they are married or in a de facto relationship with the biological parent of the sponsoring Australian child.

– The approval for a subclass 870 visa will be granted to parents to stay in Australia for up to five years at one time.

New Partner Visa:

The migration amendment family violence and other measures Bill 2016 is continuing to exist for the partner visa.

Pints to Remember

– Did you know the partner visa sponsor is subject to bind the sponsorship obligations legally? This exposes the sponsor to approvals, for instance, compulsory refusal to the application for sponsorship as well as exposing the sponsor to cancellation and excluding, such as meeting the requirements for character certificate.

– You will not be permitted a BVA or Bridging Visa A for the onshore application for the partner visa, till you hold an actual visa application

– If you don’t possess a bridging visa, you will not be allowed to stay in Australia after the expiry of your current visa.

Final Recap

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