Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right Physiotherapist For You

It is not very hard to find a physiotherapist to treat you for any illness. Physiotherapy Perth has a range of distinct fields of expertise, as so many other health professions, and is regulated by strict service requirements. In order to practise, practitioners themselves need to be properly qualified and officially licenced. Here, we have mentioned a few tips to choose the right physiotherapist in Perth.

Verify Their Qualifications

It is important that your Physio in Perth is fully trained and fully licenced, just as when you deal with any health professional. They are required by law to have completed a degree and to be registered with the Physiotherapy Board at an approved educational institution. They are responsible for upholding high professional standards, ensuring compliance with the Code of Practice and that professionals are completely insured.

Know The Relevant Area Of Expertise

Physiotherapy covers a large field, and just like there is no point in complaining about a sore tooth to a brain surgeon, you should search for a physiotherapist with the necessary credentials for your unique issue. So, if you have a sore back, see somebody who is specialised in musculoskeletal disorders, and see a specialist in pulmonary physiotherapy if you are healing from a bypass surgery.


It may seem like a minor concern, but location is something that should be taken into consideration, especially when the injury or condition to be treated is chronic. If you have musculoskeletal issues, driving long distances is not prudent, though post-surgery physiotherapy can be a delicate method. So, if you can, choose a physiotherapist with convenient access (wheelchair ramps) that is close by, or which is not difficult to get to.

Consider The Recovery Approaches

While second-guessing the right therapy is never wise, you might have a preference for a form of treatment. Physiotherapists historically use methods such as movement and massage, but today a broader variety is used. These include acupuncture, hydrotherapy and reflexology. Ask if there’s a preferred alternative treatment available. Many clinics that have physiotherapy offer alternative treatment solutions so they could have what you need.

Check Availability

Probably the most significant factor is if there is currently a physiotherapist accessible. When you are in agony, the last thing you need to be placed on is a waiting list. It’s important to get counselling as soon as you can, so ask about the workload. If you suffer a relapse and need medical treatment, this can be crucial. Small practises can provide excellent care, but larger facilities are better suited to address the problem of availability.

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