Ultimate Guide on Invisalign Treatment for Teeth Straightening

If your teeth are just slightly crooked, invisalign is much better than a retainer and, regardless of how uneven they are, will definitely help to straighten your teeth. In rare circumstances, crooked teeth need real braces, but this is typically due to extreme jaw misalignment. You need to have an appointment at the dental clinic in Parramatta for your dental problems. Therefore, by using Invisalign, your crooked teeth can be made to look perfect. When it comes to straightening your teeth, here are some of the other facts that you should remember.


This is not the case, although some people believe that Invisalign is actually a retainer. We will provide a retainer to the patient to wear at the end of the procedure in order to ensure that the teeth stay in place. The patient can, however, wear a pair of aligners when straightening the patient’s teeth. The aligners are a high-tech solution that we develop to predict how the teeth will move using computer imaging software. Each aligner subtly changes the teeth, so the next one in the series needs to expand on what the last one has done, and so on. This makes it important for the aligners to be worn in order. Any time one is placed on by a patient, it will feel tight, making the teeth slightly sore. It will begin to feel loose after a while, meaning that it is time to wear the next one in the series. The teeth would most likely be perfectly straight after a patient goes through all of the aligners.


This is not actually the case, but we would assume that Invisalign will straighten the teeth quicker than the braces. The amount of time it takes for teeth to straighten will depend on what is done overall by the procedure. It may consume less time to make adaptations to the wires so the patient may not have to wait for orthodontic treatments. Teeth have to travel in a fixed manner, however, and individuals who try to speed it up can cause excessive discomfort or harm to the roots. We have to move the teeth progressively in order to prevent that. We may discuss his or her recovery plan when a patient comes in for an appointment and how long it is going to take.


Most Parramatta dentist has found that certain individuals are worried about how much straightening their teeth would cost. While there is a common misconception that Invisalign is costly, it can actually be reasonably inexpensive, and if braces can be afforded, then this solution should also be possible to afford.

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