Types of Irrigation System for Agriculture

Irrigation is a method of regulating the quantity of water you supply to plants at regular agricultural intervals. In other word, this is when you supply plants with water to help them thrive when there is not enough rain. The irrigation water can be pumped from rivers, lakes and wells using the irrigation supplies. Or by force of gravity along pipes or open canals, you can let it flow into the fields.

Irrigation can also be defines as the artificial application of water to the soil with the help of various tubing, pump, and spray systems. Irrigation is typically used in areas where rainfall is likely to be erratic or dry, or drought. Many forms of irrigation systems exist in which water is supplied uniformly to the entire region with the help of high quality irrigation supplies in Perth.

Sprinkler Irrigation

The invention of the lightweight pipe with fast couplers resulted in a dramatic rise in sprinkler irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation offers a way to irrigate areas that are so unusual that they preclude any form of surface irrigation. Deep percolation or surface runoff and erosion can be minimised by using a low supply limit.

Such benefits are balanced by the relatively high cost of the sprinkling equipment and by the permanent installations needed to supply water to the sprinkler lines. Rather low distribution levels can also contribute to relatively high spray and wetted plant evaporation as well. High labor costs for surface irrigation have increased the attractiveness of irrigation with sprinklers in recent years. You can get high quality Perth irrigation supplies for your sprinkling system.

Fixed perforated tubing, revolving sprinkler heads, or fixed sprinkler heads can be used for sprinkling. Water distribution around a sprinkler head cannot be fully uniform, so placement of the heads must be arranged to overlap spray areas so that distribution is effectively uniform.

Drip or Trickle Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems do not produce waste and no runoff and very little evapotranspiration when providing water to plants according to plant water requirements. A farmer will of course ensure effective water quality by using this method. The use of drip irrigation system provides the farmer and the crop producers with various benefits. Drip irrigation system is a perfect solution for crop production with dry, sandy, low drainage soils, and soils where the conservation of moisture can lead to high incidence of insect pests and disease.

Lateral Move Irrigation

Water is pumped through a series of pipes, each with a wheel and a collection of sprinklers, which are either rotated by hand or through a mechanism designed for purpose. The sprinklers move a certain distance through the field and then need to re-connect the water hose for the next distance. This method appears to be lower in cost but needs more effort than others.

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