Types of Car Accidents and Injuries You Need to Know


Car accidents are a common thing in Los Lunas and other parts of the USA. When involved in a car accident, you can choose to work with a Los Lunas personal injury attorney to help you out with your case.

The Los Lunas personal injury attorney will advise you on whether to pursue or not to pursue a claim from your insurance company. This will depend on the type of car accident injury.

The common car accident injuries include the following based on the experience of car accident lawyers Los Lunas:

Injuries to the Head and Brain

This encompasses all injuries that occur to the brain or head. They include injuries like internal bleedings, lacerations, brain traumas, and skull fractures that will call for the need of plastic surgery. These injuries should be attended to as soon as possible.

Injuries to The Neck and Back

These include all injuries that are caused to the neck or back. They include issues like herniated discs and spinal cord damages.

Burns and Scalds

They are caused by the heat that may occur in the cause of an accident. Some burns can be so severe and may lead to skin grafting that will lead to permanent scars.

Injuries to Soft Tissues

This is a type of injury that causes significant and lingering pain to soft tissues. They arise when muscles and tendons are stretched in the course of an accident. These injuries can be fatal and should be attended to immediately.

Injuries that Cause Broken Bones

This is when bones in your body break because of an accident. This type of injury may require surgery and may also take a significant amount of time to heal.

Injuries to the Spinal Cord

This is when the spinal cord is damaged in the course of an accident. Sometimes this may cause the loss of proper movement.

Types of Car Accidents

Here are some common types of car accidents and the specific injuries that are associated with them:

Head-On Collisions

This is when two vehicles meet head-on. This type of injury is usually severe and can cause brain damage and head fractures.

Rear-End Accidents

The most common type of rear-end accident is the whiplash. They may also cause head and back injuries.

Side-Impact Crashes

The chances are that you will get hurt in the course of an accident, especially when you are sitting on the side where the impact happens. This can cause chest pains, pelvic injuries, and soft tissue injuries.

Fatal Accidents

It is a severe accident that can cause severe injuries.

SUV Rollover Accidents

SUV vehicles have the highest center of gravity than any other vehicle. They are prone to rolling in an accident. They might cause severe injuries like broken bones and spinal cords, head injuries and injuries of soft tissue.

Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

This occurs when a truck or a commercial vehicle hit a car. The impact can be very catastrophic because of the size and weight of this kind of vehicle. They might cause injuries to the head, spinal cord and sometimes expose dangerous chemicals depending on the load. In any case, it is best to approach a personal injury law firm Los Lunas NM to take legal action.

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