Trying Vaping to Quit Smoking

We’ve always been told to avoid smoking cigarettes. They’re bad for you. If you do smoke, you need to quit right away. But what if you did start smoking? What if you started smoking, and tried your best to quit for good? What are you supposed to do at that point? It’s not as easy as just throwing out your last pack dramatically and walking off towards a new smoke-free life. There’s more of a struggle to it that those who have never smoked before might not understand. We need better options for those of us trying to quit smoking. When chewing gum will only get you so far, what else is there to try. Some folks have turned to vaping to quit smoking and have even seen some success. But if both have you inhaling smoke, what makes vaping any different?

Nicotine-Free Options Help You Avoid A New Addiction

While quitting one bad habit, the last thing you want to do is get started on another. Vaping can be an addiction-free alternative to smoking cigarettes because of the nicotine free options readily available. Nicotine is the component in cigarettes that make them so addictive. Vaping pods allow you to skirt right around that component because the liquid, or “juice” used in vaping does not need to contain nicotine at all. You can continue to smoke without making it feel like an absolute necessity.

Lets You Break Away From the Instinct

One reason people may take up vaping to quit smoking cigarettes has nothing to do with the ingredients at all. It’s the gesture of smoking that can trap people sometimes. The physical action of smoking something. They get so used to smoking a cigarette whenever they have a few free minutes and lifting their hands up to the mouth, that it feels instinctive. Even when nicotine is not on their minds, their bodies have gotten so used to the action, that it is a struggle to retrain themselves to not need that gesture anymore. That’s where vaping comes in. Vaping provides the action of smoking, the gesture, but lets you leave the cigarettes in the trash.

Flavors Cigarettes Never Gave You

Vaping allows you one thing that cigarettes never could. Flavors that actually taste good. If you’ve ever been criticized for having your breath or furniture smell like cigarettes, then this one hits a little too close to home. People don’t usually like the smell or taste of cigarettes, even some smokers might admit this. But vapes come with just about any flavor you like. Want a strawberry flavored vape? Done. Or do you think you want something more tropical? Here is a pack of mango flavored pods then. There are even tobacco flavored options for those who truly do like the taste of cigarettes and will miss that. You could also get the mint flavor to remind yourself that you may like it, but others might not.

When you really hold the two up against each other, the winner is clear. As much as people want to quit smoking, many don’t know what to do to break from the cravings for nicotine or the repetitive habit smoking becomes. It is an impulsive, frustrating habit to fight against and there are not too many solid alternatives to help with that. It is no wonder that many have decided to try nicotine-free vaping to quit smoking. It certainly beats clinging on to that cigarette carton. Maybe by vaping we can finally leave that lighter at home. To get your hands on vaping products, check out where they have kits and different flavors available.

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