Try These Macanudo Cigars at Least Once

The experiential quality of enjoying Macanudo Cigars begins long before you ever select one, punch it, and light it. It begins in the preparation of the soil and the care of the plants and continues through the time tested process by which the tobacco leaves are cured and fermented to bring out their natural sugars and optimize their moisture content. That excellence and guarantee of quality continue through their aging process which can take up to two years.


Even after aging, the tobacco that will later become a part of Macanudo Cigars is carefully selected, rehydrated, and stripped for blending. At that point, master blenders make a careful selection from among their tobaccos for a complex, powerful blend with equally powerful visual aesthetics. Experienced rollers produce the cigars that you will eventually come to recognize as the Macanudo Cigars you love and enjoy. As you can see, the process starts long before the actual blending and rolling, and the excellence of a Macanudo is distilled from sun, soil, and process as much as by its actual construction. Wonders of subtle complexity and rich flavors, Macanudo Cigars are international favorites and for good reason. If you enjoy a pleasant smoke, be sure you try these Macanudo Cigars at least once.

Macanudo Cru Royale Robusto

The Macanudo Cru Royale line is a classic line even among Macanudo Cigars, and the Robusto is a great medium strength cigar for anyone looking to get acquainted with the Macanudo brand. This cigar makes the most of its Viso tobacco fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic in addition to some Brazilian Mata Fina filler tobacco as well. Finished off with a dark Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, the Grand Cru Royale Robusto is a complex, richly flavored cigar that offers powerful notes of leather and nuts. It’s also noteworthy for its pleasant room note – try one of them to see for yourself.

Macanudo Maduro Gigante

Here is a cigar from the Macanudo Maduro line that requires you to set aside a respectable portion of time to enjoy it as it deserves. This 6×60 cigar is ideal for taking a chunk of time and unwinding among its rich yet subdued flavors. This cigar makes the most of double fermented Cuban Seed and Mexican long-filler tobaccos and finished off by an exceptionally dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The special fermentation process produces the sugars in these tobaccos from which the sweetness of Macanudos rises. Enjoy one of these and you will be the audience to notes of coffee, spirits, and dried fruits.

Macanudo M Bourbon Churchill

This is another cigar that will require a spot of time from you to properly and thoroughly enjoy the treat it can offer. This cigar, which is 7×47, is a giant, and like the rest of the line has been specially formulated to capitalize on the tastes of whiskey drinkers. This cigar will present the discretionary smoker with notes of woods, bitters, and a touch of sweetness – much like a classic bourbon cocktail. Pair one with one of your favorites bourbons or scotches and you will be dazzled how well they complement each other.

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