Treat Yourself to Cigar Membership at Atlantic Cigar

If you enjoy the subtle tasting notes and flavors of fine tobacco and tobacco blends and are always looking for something new to try, then you might want to treat yourself to a cigar membership to none other than Atlantic Cigar. Their member program is weighed down with benefits and will pay itself off in short order, particularly if you are a frequent enjoyer of the aforementioned indulgences.


In the first place, if you make frequent purchases from Atlantic Cigar, their cigar membership can save you some money and make your life a lot easier. Now, you’re likely already familiar with Atlantic Cigar’s mission, which is to bring you the biggest collection of premium cigars from the world at the best prices. That they do, and they do it for everyone, members, and nonmembers alike.

Yet, if you invest in a cigar membership with Atlantic Cigar, you will see some immediate cost savings benefits. In the first place, you will enjoy reduced prices on most items. That’s right, it’s effectively a discount on a price that’s already discounted. Atlantic Cigar’s prices are already the best around, and with an Atlantic Cigar VIP Club membership, you will save even more money on most items.

Secondly, you will also get to enjoy free shipping on orders over $150. If you enjoy a quality smoke and always keep a well-stocked humidor, that’s a must-have requirement. Reaching $150 is no mean feat, especially if you are restocking the humidor, and membership can help you save on that front as well.

With their membership program, it’s like savings on top of savings. Nowhere else can you find so many premium cigars at such amazing prices.

There’s more to the whole deal than the simplicity of cost savings, though. Not only will you save money, but with your membership, you will get access to exclusive offers and specials that are only made to club members. On top of that, club members will receive a subscription to their monthly newsletter, which is packed with information and suggestions. You never know what you’ll find tucked away in a corner of their newsletter – if you enjoy a good cigar, it’s a must-read.

If all of that wasn’t reason enough to take advantage of the cigar membership at Atlantic Cigar, consider also that Atlantic Cigar conducts a monthly raffle to give away prizes to a lucky VIP member. Club members will also periodically receive access to special limited items before the general public is permitted to shop them. You never know what gem you might come across. A new hand-rolled premium cigar you’ve never tried? Some other featured cigar that you’ve always wanted to sample? It’s worth it if only for that reason alone.

Whether or not you take advantage of Atlantic Cigar’s membership program, they remain the foremost seller of the largest collection of premium cigars in the world. Not only can you find a broad range of cigars, sampler packs, and cigar accessories on their website,, but you can also take advantage of their peerless customer service.

Looking for something new, some new flavor that you’ve never experienced before but you don’t know which direction to turn? Give their team a call at 800-887-7877 and let them know. They’ll be glad to help point you in the right direction and make well-informed decisions from which you will reap the rewards. Don’t delay – for cigar lovers, is a must-see virtual destination, whether you join their membership program or just shop their site for your favorite cigars.


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