Travel Turkey – Land of European Culture

Turkey is a democratic country which is known as the cradle of cultures in Europe. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey which contributes a major portion of the historical and cultural heritage of the country. uk visa turkey also can get easily. Gallipoli Peninsula, which is now a national park, is almost 200 miles away from Istanbul and is the core spot of attraction to the tourists coming there. Istanbul airport is the main and biggest airport in Istanbul and is owned by the General Director of State Airports. It was inaugurated in the year 1924 and till now it has served over 50 million passengers across Istanbul. There are about 4 terminals in this airport. Terminals 1, 2 and 3 serves the domestic, international and cargo flights respectively and the fourth terminal serves as the General Aviation Terminal. Ephesus is the ancient city in Turkey.

Ephesus once served as the commercial trade Centre of Turkey which is 30 km away from Kusanagi. The main attraction of this Greek city is the Temple of Artemis which is one among the seven wonders of the ancient world. Cappadosia is the common name of a number of provinces in the Central Anatolian region. The most attractive event in this region is the Cappadosia Balloon Ride which starts at every sunrise. The Lanora Travel is the most economical balloon tour company in Cappadosia.

Pamukkale is located in the Denizli province. The geographical feature of this region is the wide existence of hot springs and the sedimentary rock deposits containing calcium carbonate minerals deposited by these flowing waters. By the year 1988, this village was declared as one among the World Heritage Site. You can go to turkey thought the turkey business visa. The major attractions within this village include the Afrodisias which is one among Turkey’s archaeological sites, and Laodicea which is one among the Seven Churches of Asia. The eastern Turkey is a mountainous region where the rivers-Euphrates, Tigris and Aras flow. Byzantine and Georgian churches, Seljuk mosques and Armenian monasteries are the architectural beauties of this region.

There are more than thousand hotels in the city of Istanbul. Hotel Sapphire, Q Pera Hotel, Nuru Ziya Suites are some among the economical and affordable hotels in Istanbul. Sultanahmet Palace Hotel, Armada Istanbul Old City Hotel, The House Hotel Nisantasi, Divan Istanbul are some among the hotels which are marked as the excellent hotels in Turkey.

Being in this place is just like spending time in your own country as the place seems to be very much comfortable and calm. You can go to turkey using turkey tourist visa. In turkey always find it a golden spot with the beauty, culture, cuisine and lot more things covered in just one go! So, get ready and pack to slip into some serious roaming.

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