Trapped Indoors? Throw a Virtual Pizza Party to Keep Your Spirits Up

Welcome to the quarantine era, where boring and trapped indoors may be the new norm. In some places, bored Australians stuck at home are getting dressed up in costumes to make the mundane task of taking the bins out entertaining during coronavirus isolation. The heart-warming trend began as a joke after a man from Queensland dared another friend to put the bins out while dressed up. Well, that’s one way to entertain yourself!

Social distancing is a new challenge that goes against our natural instincts, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of fun. When adapting to the unique challenges in this time of uncertainty, socialising through video conferencing is turning these situations into something that’s new altogether. So, how about throwing a virtual pizza party while you are self-isolating from your loved ones.

Many pizza places in Darlington have encouraged their customers to throw a virtual pizza party so that they can spread the love while being at home.

How to Get Started?

Sharing food is a special and social occasion that brings people together, laughing and making memories. A virtual pizza party is no different, and it involves chowing down your favourite pizza with your group via video conferencing.

So, to get started, invite your pals for whom you want to throw a virtual pizza party, set a video call time, order the best pizza in Darlington, and have fun while enjoying the perfect slice of a hot pizza, all at the same time. You can get creative by following the same dress code, decorating the background to suit the occasion and more.

You can order pizza for your friends from our pizza restaurant in Darlington to get them indulged in your pizza party. You can also support someone who needs a helping hand by ordering a pizza delivery directly to their home.

Keeping distance from our loved ones is a matter of safety, but it’s not the end to all the fun we had during our daily face-to-face situations. After all, COVID – 19 can change the way we operate our businesses, but can never change the values and love that brings people together, making memories while enjoying hot piping pizza.

The author of this article is associated with a leading pizza restaurant in Darlington and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he encourages people to throw virtual pizza party to stay strong during this time of uncertainty. Visit for more information.

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