Transform your Home with Mural Wallpaper UK

If you are planning on updating your home décor, mural wallpaper is one of the hottest interior design wall covering ideas at the moment. However, with bespoke designs, intricate artwork, and such a wide choice available, committing to the perfect design can be a little daunting. Bringing you the best of mural wallpaper UK, twill interiors are dedicated to making the process of choosing and installing your mural masterpiece easier; read on to find out more.

What is Mural Wallpaper?

Murals date back centuries, with some historians even suggesting that murals were first utilised in Palaeolithic times. However, it is only in recent history, that murals have become a popular choice for domestic interior design wall covering ideas. This is due to the multiple technological developments since the millennium. In that, it is now possible to print murals, using the latest in hi-tech laser printing. Transforming your space, mural wallpaper UK is now suitable for both domestic and commercial buildings, and there is a wide variety of colours, styles and designs to choose from. If you want to make an impact, consider a mural on a feature wall to effortlessly make a statement.

What do I need to consider?

If you are planning on using mural wallpaper in your home or place of work, there is much to consider, including:


Well, the design that you choose is ultimately a matter of personal taste, and the wallpaper you pick will depend on which one you like the most. Whether you opt for a riot of colour or a monochromatic design, something vibrant and bold or classic and muted, there are many styles and designs to choose from. Think about your colour scheme and the size of your space when selecting mural wallpaper UK. Warm colours are great for adding warmth to your space and work particularly well in north-facing rooms. Whereas, cooler colours are known to be relaxing and can make a smaller space seem bigger.

Value for Money

As always, cost and value for money are essential when making such a decision. However, there is a difference between being excellent value for money and being cheap. When it comes to wall coverings, it remains that quality is key. Whilst budget wallpaper may be friendlier to the wallet, it may not have the same quality finish that you can associate with the luxury wallpaper brands. Moreover, it can be less durable and need replacing sooner, which is ultimately a false economy.


If you are choosing one of the luxury wallpaper brands because you want to ensure your home looks perfect, trying to DIY may end up being a costly mistake. Matching up images, ensuring a perfectly smooth finish and a flawless application can be difficult and mistakes can show up from across the room. However, using a service that offers professional installation will ensure that your fabulous mural wall leaves the exact impression you intend.


Mural wallpaper can make a powerful impact on just about any space, with the potential to add drama and flair to any room. One of the most important things to consider is probably space and where you plan on making your statement. For example, in the bedroom, you may wish to have a mural at the head of your bed or in behind the sofa in the living room as this allows for a clear focal point. For a smaller space, you may want to choose a small-scale intricate design to give the feeling of spaciousness. Whereas a large-scale pattern in bright colours can make a large room feel more intimate and cosy.

With such an eclectic and unique variety of beautiful mural wallpapers and expert professional fitters that will ensure a flawless application, choose Twill Interiors for premium mural wallpaper UK and professional installation. Get in touch today for a free quote within 48 hours.

The author of this article is a leading installer of mural wallpaper in UK and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he explains how a mural wallpaper can transform your home. Visit for more information.

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