Top Used Cars for Sale in Adelaide: Should You Consider a Used Ford Territory?

When shopping used cars for sale in Adelaide, you should consider a Ford Territory. From its 2004 introduction to its 2016 demise, this SUV ticked important boxes for Australian families: seven seats, a comfortable ride, and great towing capacity (2700 kg). But these qualities don’t touch on all the Territory still has to offer, nor do they provide a guide for buying used. Here, we explore both so you can make an informed decision.

Plenty of Options

Options are in full supply on the Territory, starting with three different grades: TX, TS, and Titanium. All come equipped with five airbags, Bluetooth, reversing sensors, climate control, a power driver’s seat, and a USB port.

The TS upgrades from 17-inch alloys to 18-inch wheels and also gives an 8-inch colour touchscreen, front fog lamps, and a reverse camera. The Titanium adds elegance with leather seat trim and Alpine rear DVD entertainment screens.

Easy Handling and Solid Performance

The Territory is shorter than a Falcon station wagon, so it’s slightly smaller than you may think. This means it’s also easier to drive and park than most SUVs. Impressive off-road handling means the Territory can meet almost any adventure the family wants to take. Electronic aids further improve traction in the 4WD variants; in particular, hill-start and hill-descent features remove the terror of extreme slopes.

As for the ride, it’s comparable to or better than many European SUVs in the same segment – for less money. Most Territorys are powered by a straight-six 4.0-litre petrol engine; a turbocharged version was offered after July 2006. Petrols are mated only to rear-wheel-drive, while the turbo-diesel engines available on SZ models after model year 2010 offer two- and four-wheel-drive options.

Shopping Used Cars for Sale in Adelaide

While the Territory is an all-around solid SUV, we recommend you take your time when looking at a few particular features. For example, ensure the engine starts easily and idles quietly and smoothly. These motors have proven to be reliable, but you still want to play it safe. Also, pay attention to the transmission; it shouldn’t hold onto or change gears too often. Listen for hard grinds or bumps when shifting.

The front brake hoses prompted a voluntary recall in March 2009. You’ll therefore want to check for possible leaks and call a Ford dealer to see if the necessary work was done. As long as you’re on the phone with the said dealer, ask for the car’s service records and prioritise those that reflect diligent ownership.

What Makes a Worthy Territory

The most desirable Territorys will have low kilometres, a tow bar, and well-maintained interiors. The body is equally important, telling of frequent off-road adventures with scratches and dents. Likewise, go for a run over rough roads so you can hear any squeaks or rattles that may signify trouble. Even 2WD models should be tested, as they likely explored bush tracks and sandy terrain.

When considering used car sales in Adelaide, be sure to look for a Territory. These spacious and well-equipped SUVs deliver a variety of pleasing effects, including performance and upscale amenities. Although no longer available new, a used option will provide plenty of driving pleasure if you shop carefully.

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