Top things to explore in Esperance!

Esperance is the home to Australia’s best beaches. Surrounded by pristine white beaches and aquamarine waters, Esperance sits on the Bay of Isles. This region has a lot going on when it comes to natural attractions. The coast here changes from sweeping bays to rugged cliffs with pristine national parks and crystal clear waters. Esperance is also the closest town to the beach of Lucky Bay, where kangaroos come to sunbake regularly on the white sand. Families travel from different places of the World to enjoy the easy-going vibe and great beach life. The picture-perfect beaches, remote national parks, and the pristine environment can steal hearts! Book your Esperance accommodation and submerge in the beauty of Esperance!

Explore Esperance town:

The town of Esperance faces gently sloping islands. This view is what makes the town so enticing! Take a long drive to witness the motionless bays, blindingly white, fine sand beaches, and fragrant native bushes. Keep an eye out for dolphins playing in the stunning ocean!

Visit Cape Le Grand National Park:

Esperance is best known for its white sand that is so blinding bright. The long stretches of pure, white sand literally shimmers in the sunlight. Esperance is bounded by epic stretches of beaches, but the best of the scenery is within the Cape Le Grand National Park. The park covers a few mountain peaks, a huge wild area of coast, and even features white sand beaches. There is an endless opportunities of outdoors here, like fishing, hiking and camping. The national park is the most impressive out of all attractions of Esperance. Staying at the luxury accommodation Esperance, don’t forget to enjoy the flora and fauna in Cape Le Grand National Park!

Explore Lucky Bay:

Within the Cape Le Grand National Park, is the Lucky Bay, another most impressive must-see area of Esperance! This wide, long bay is bordered by granite outcrops and white sand beach. This beach is the home of resident population of kangaroos. This troop is possibly the friendliest, tamest animals you will meet in Australia. Lucky Bay is best seen at sunrise or sunset!

Don’t miss Cape Le Grand beach:

While staying at accommodation Esperance WA, don’t forget to head along the coast to Cape Le Grand Beach. This sandy, stretched beach seems to extend endlessly along the shore. As far as you walk it is always clean, blissfully soft, and pristine. It is a beautiful spot to enjoy the sea breeze and sunrise. Also, this beach gives the Cape Le Grand National Park its name. This beach is an Esperance must see!

Esperance has a lot of natural scenic attractions to wow you. If you haven’t visited this place before, it should be your next holiday getaway!

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